Auction House Limbo, How Low Can You Go?

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Auction House Limbo, How Low Can You Go?

#1 » Post by Noratech » 23 Jun 2022 22:00

Update: Jul 25, 2022:

Last week I made 10,000+ gold, but haven't sold one item to another player like usual!

Ahbot payout always drops. You will earn more in the first 10 sales then in the next 75 sales. You'll make more selling a stack of 20, 1 time instead of selling a stack of 1, 20 times. Unless you have other intentions!

An Example: I created and sold Amulet of Truesight to Ahbot for 10.80g, 9.82g, 9.00g, etc. That means there were 8 other sales before me. The 1st player made 54g, 36g, then 27g. So you better be first to sell to Ahbot.
Ahbot Bid #Ahbot Bid

Update: Jul 18, 2022: Most Auction House Prices Continue to Fall
Some examples 14, 7, and 3 day average auction prices. There are some notable exceptions if you are selling items.
Winged Helm: 28g, 14g, 4g (iLevel 48)
Enduring Cap: 58g, 34g, 13g (iLevel 33)
Arcanite Bar: 40g, 20g, 8g
Star Ruby: 9g, 5g, 3g
Flask of Chromatic Wonder: 286g, 190g, 82g
Generally speaking, it is good time to Buy from the AH.

Original Post: Auction House Almost Worthless Now
The new configuration of Ahbot (since early May) has removed the incentive to sell items on the Auction House! Ahbot consistently under cuts players. Some items are only worth 10% of what were before early May. And it's just getting worse.
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Re: Auction House Almost Worthless Now

#2 » Post by Roel » 23 Jun 2022 22:48

As it works now, prices can only drop if people are selling at those prices so obviously more people are finding it attractive to sell at the Auction House now. But more competition indeed means less profits if you don't adapt. It's easier to sell higher volume now and selling different items that were previously only good for vendors.

There are also items that are getting more expensive because they are in demand and not enough people to supply them. A simple example, profit can be made by buying copper ore and selling them as bars. That could work until the ores get too expensive, at which point farming all kinds of ores can become more profitable.

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Re: Auction House Almost Worthless Now

#3 » Post by Noratech » 13 Jul 2022 04:29

Roel, thank you for replying to my post. Most of all, thank you for TrueWOW.

Before the change, we could undercut Ahbot and sell Copper and Bronze Bars for about 4.00 gold each. Today Ahbot is selling them for 0.79 and 0.66 gold respectively. It's hardly worth farming copper and tin now. Heavy Stone sold for about 3.00 gold and today people have dropped their price to 0.38 gold just to be competitive against Ahbot.

Before we competed with each other. Now we have to complete against Ahbot that keeps dropping it's price and under cutting us. How can we encourage others to join TrueWOW when the Auction House profits are so low.

I hope you can find a balance.

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Re: Auction House Almost Worthless Now

#4 » Post by bobsmyname » 13 Jul 2022 16:27

how can you encourage other to join TrueWOW when leveling blacksmithing as a new player costs them 16 gold to make the basic Rough Copper Vest.

Having the ah bot consistently buying these level 0-10 mats is MUCH more incentivizing for new players as it gives them means to make money at the lowest of levels. rip to you that now copper and bronze are worth the sub 1g that they should for their target demographic of fresh character / profession
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Re: Auction House Almost Worthless Now

#5 » Post by andriuspel » 13 Jul 2022 16:46

Well, thanks that you notified us about problem.
Also remember that there is "Bug Tracker" where you also can report issues, autobroadcast notifies about bug tracker too, usually you can go to, make account there and then you can log into
Anyways going to apply changes for recalculation for tomorrows update.

To Bobsmyname:
at first, half of commenters here even doesn;t plays or tries to invite new players and i really don;t think new players ever encouraged ahbot for their choice to join to server... but instead of rambling, players should talk with us, so we could start investigating
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Re: Auction House Almost Worthless Now

#6 » Post by Gr00vest » 15 Jul 2022 00:11

The way the AH bot works now is great, no changes to it are necessary in my opinion.
For the purposes of making gold: you haven't found the right item to make gold with, there are plenty at every level bracket.
Complaining, however, that low level profession mats are sold by the bot at cheap prices is not smart. . . and more importantly, it doesn't help anything.
Also, the prices on everything that is put up on the AH by people, change frequently so there isn't any one item you can make gold off of consistently.

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