Incentivates in Ulduar

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Incentivates in Ulduar

#1 » Post by m2oenergym2o » 28 Jun 2021 21:03

Hello everyone

What I have in mind is to implement some changes in Ulduar to make it more desirable for players to raid it at least twice a month instead of twice a year. The most common reason to players to raid Ulduar are the unique achievments and the legendary fragments for Val'anyr.

As the fragments only drops from 25 man loot (and drop rate is not so high, only Yogg Saron has 100% drop rate on that), I suggest that you implement some change to make them drop in 10man loot as well. With that, increase the drop rate for 25 man loot and keep the same % for 10man loot for fragments.

Thank you

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Re: Incentivates in Ulduar

#2 » Post by Amoriann » 28 Jun 2021 21:12

It is a very hard task to make a 25man raid currently in Truewow let alone 2 tier below raid. I find this suggestion a great incentive for dedicated players to have a shot at the legendary Mace.
We already have a abundance of Shadowmourne in this server where we can do ICC 25man in 2 seperate lockouts giving extra chances of farming this Legendary.
On the contrary having Fragments of Valn'yr drop from 10man will be a great incentive to atleast try out this great raid which currently no one wants to run as it is a long raid and 2 tier below hence low ilvl gear.
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Re: Incentivates in Ulduar

#3 » Post by Winterlion » 29 Jun 2021 20:52


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Re: Incentivates in Ulduar

#4 » Post by goldauron » 29 Jun 2021 20:55


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Re: Incentivates in Ulduar

#5 » Post by andriuspel » 29 Jun 2021 21:53

This is similar to another suggestion which been asking to make ICC shards to be lootable in 10 man mode too... anyways ulduar is in active development currently and loot templates are on its way for rewrite. This ulduar fragments suggestion doesnt looks fair to me.
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