[PW] PvP Suggestions.

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[PW] PvP Suggestions.

#1 » Post by Anesthesia » 29 Oct 2017 20:13

Hello, in desire to bring more attention to PvP related discussions, I will try to sum few (existing) suggestions in this post, and ask for your opinion. Before you reply, please keep in mind that this thread is not supposed to turn into one of those longer discussions (even tho it could), but instead we should try to gather as much feedback as we can. Please share your opinion on the following subjects and extend it with your own suggestions.

1. Reduced mana costs in PvP environments by 25%
2. Increased honor gain from kills (up to 200%)
3. Increased honor gain from Victories in Battlegrounds (up to 150%)
4. Reduced Arena Team Rating requirement from items.
5. Arena Team rating increased from 0 to ( ? ) at the creation of the team.

> 25% damage reduction was already implemented, you can continue contributing to the original post.
> If you think there is a need for class specific tuning (THIS SHOULD BE MINIMAL) please share your ideas and all of the related information.

Sources / Open Discussions:
Fight duration in PvP - viewtopic.php?f=23&t=38390&hilit=pvp
PvP on Primal - viewtopic.php?f=117&t=38356
PVP - viewtopic.php?f=23&t=38394&hilit=pvp
25% damage reduction - viewtopic.php?f=16&t=38127&hilit=pvp&start=30
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Re: [PW] PvP Suggestions.

#2 » Post by majstorfanta » 29 Oct 2017 21:01

1. + (The reason described in topic "Fight duration in pvp")
2. -
3. + (might make players to more play for the objective and hopefully there will be less meaningless mid fights which is also the reason why 2. is - )
4. - (it feels low enough and reachable at 1800)
5. +/- (not that important, maybe make it up to 1k since that is how much personal rating you get for any team you join above 1k)

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Re: [PW] PvP Suggestions.

#3 » Post by Dunkelstein » 30 Oct 2017 03:16

1.)If you don't oom priests, they are hands down unbeatable. There are more problems with balancing, like plate wearers benefitting way too much from the damage nerf (deserves its own post imo, but it's hard to find people with input who know their stuff and play enough)
2.)With set items being available for gold at faction vendors this is not needed anymore. A bit of grind for the epic offset pieces does make them feel epic.
3.)This would just make losers quit even harder.
4.)1850 rating is already insanely low for weapons. You don't really lose any rating until you hit 1500, and to 1850 you'd only need like 20 wins against teams of the same MMR. Keep in mind that our 3.3.5-ish arena rating system works differently than TBC.
5.)-1 see 4.
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Re: [PW] PvP Suggestions.

#4 » Post by natnat123 » 30 Oct 2017 03:37

1. Reduced mana costs in PvP environments by 25% - No idea, but it seems fine to me.

2. Increased honor gain from kills (up to 200%) - this would be cool, but buffing the gain too much could end up reducing pvp due to people getting items quick and then stopping or pvping less after that.

3. Increased honor gain from Victories in Battlegrounds (up to 150%) - same as above.

4. Reduced Arena Team Rating requirement from items. - good idea.

5. Arena Team rating increased from 0 to ( ? ) at the creation of the team. - also good idea but could end up being too much if combined with the above.

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Re: [PW] PvP Suggestions.

#5 » Post by Dreadnought101 » 30 Oct 2017 21:47

1. Dont reduce mana costs, casters and healers shred in arenas really quickly already
2 and 3. Reducing the honor requirements for gear seems fine enough, and increasing honor gained from victories makes losing even worse, do you know how hard it is to keep people queueing when they loose despite the fact that the system could randomly put them on a winning team?
4. Its fine, though very few teams are above 1500 so reducing arena points costs again would help teams get their gear since they are only getting 268 a week.
5. It used to be 1500 in burning crusade, I wonder why they removed it, I personally like building up to it, but so many people are changing teams around and not reaching it, it may be necessary. Though many will quickly reset their team when they drop below 1500.
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Re: [PW] PvP Suggestions.

#6 » Post by Dunkelstein » 31 Oct 2017 01:01

Don't reduce the rating requirement even more... in order to get pvp weapons you should have to play a ton and have a good win ratio on top of that. I understand that it's supposed to make up for the lack in PvP activity, but this would just make the entire pvp scene a laughing stock (especially for people who are coming from other servers).

The reason it's so hard to climb is the lack of activity. Lowering the bar will not increase activity, if at all only temporarily until people get their free gear.
Don't mistake the symptom for the cause. You can't just turn them around and expect it to work.

I believe that what we need to work on more is balancing. Look at the influx of players who came in after the damage nerf. Soo many people came to try it out, this shows that people in general are interested in PvP. Nobody said it's perfect, but many specs (especially healers, which were always lacking in this small pvp community) are more viable now.
IMO there's still not enough PvP going on in general to make direct balancing conclusions.

One staff member who knows enough about PvP should round up the most active players, ask them directly for input for different specs/classes and find some middle ground.
For example I know everything there is to know about hunters, for every spec, expansion and patch up to MoP. When it comes to other classes; not so much.
I know how rogues can hurt me and interact directly with me as a hunter, same for priests or any other class. But rogues vs priest? I can take educated guesses but nothing as direct as rogue or priest players could tell you, especially in this special, new, quirky primal meta.
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Re: [PW] PvP Suggestions.

#7 » Post by Vaen » 31 Oct 2017 01:45

1. Definitely feel that mana costs should be reduced. Many classes like priests and even mages are having mana problems due to some spells costing up to 10% of their mana pool.

2. Don't see a reason for this, I believe #3 is a better suggestion.

3. Would be a good incentive to queue for more BGs

4. My experience from truewow is that reducing rating requirements can never be a bad thing. At the moment there are like less than 5 teams have access to most of the pvp gear there is available. I don't believe the requirements are too high at the moment, but they could be lowered to increase arena activity. This should of course be a well-documented change that people can quickly learn about.

5. See above.
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