<Zero Charisma> is recruiting low levels!

If you are looking for a guild, guild members or leveling partners among the Horde, this is a good place to find them.
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<Zero Charisma> is recruiting low levels!

#1 » Post by Moodada1 » 11 Apr 2013 04:30

<Zero Charisma> is recruiting all levels but mainly low levels.

Originally about a year ago we were here under the name of <vapor> and since inactivity due to personal reasons we were unable to keep it up but now that we are back we are able to continue our activity.

Started at the beginning of SC2 it was a group of 5 friends, we moved on to league and while we still play it we are here, on Truewow inviting all to be in our group of friends.

The main thing I want from this guild is a great community, I noticed that there wasn't a lot of communication on the horde side via lower levels, many 80's were very nice and willing to donate to help people but I always felt if too many people asked it would start to be annoying and a burden, this is where vapor comes in, we try to help people with the game, giving advice where it can be given, even money if it's reasonable, but what I really wanted was investment, I wanted players to say "Hey, I really liked playing on Truewow, I made lots of friends and had fun!", this increases the amount of people that would stay, which would help voting and eventually increase the amount of people coming in, a circle of greatness.

Any level is welcome if you whisper a member for an invite. We currently have 3 Guild Bank tabs and are working on getting more, thank you for reading and I hope to see you online.

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Re: <Zero Charisma> is recruiting low levels!

#2 » Post by jchris60 » 26 Apr 2013 02:45

Awesome, I saw a couple of ZC members running around undercity. Still recruiting?

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