Just dissapointed

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Re: Just dissapointed

#16 » Post by Deim » 20 Dec 2016 22:06

Krex1992 wrote:*snip*
Drama-away if you feel you must, but attacks on othe players need to stay within the context of the post and at least some semblance of civility. Fight nice, boys.
Thank you mister GM <3
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Re: Just dissapointed

#17 » Post by mmedve14 » 20 Dec 2016 22:08

Man and yet you stay oblivious and delusional ! It's really becoming sad. Aaaand kind of a meme in itself too , haha.

You've turned off not from the guild but some even from the server with your incompetence.
Lemme give you a few examples: Elarim,Mooen,Kyn,Aciu,Tides.
But you will always stay oblivious to it because it is easier to blame few individuals rather than stop and look at yourself.
Go figure out now how many have left since the removals.
You NEVER listen to any of the suggestions. You NEVER resolved issues with anything other than "NO".

And If an officer can call others retarded,incompetent,stupid,and a whole other array of insults issued by a certain officer, I do not see how it cannot go vice versa.

And what about Felicitys poems about drama that's a good thing to write , eh ? Deim can't return the favour because why?

You aren't the only one doing censorship don't play dumb here. Cough *Felicity* Cough

"Having perfect loot distribution doesn't make a guild great. Having everybody fully enchanted and geared doesn't either. Giving each other space and breathing room allows for a much better environment than the one you tried pushing towards. If you think otherwise, I dare you to go make your own guild, but deep down I think you know it won't work. Keep dreaming in your perfect ideology."

This is just plain wrong to write. All this "nagging" as you might call it was just an effort as to push people to try and to be more competitive . Go ahead and ask yourself if not for the pushing of numbers and similar things do you think you'd ever get any server first Naxx kills? You'd still be stuck sucking Anub's balls and being Razuvious' lil' se* slaves.

"Guild crashing" - Are you even serious ? Murmur EU dying had lots of factors responsible for its downfall. Raelyo left long before that.

Hitler memes - I always found it interesting how you and Herman got along him being a hilarious guy while you being more cringy than one of those TV Show hosts.

And lastly you can hide the reasons behind the removals from the guild as much as you'd like but the real deal in the end is , you and Felicity did not like the 3 and you got them removed and from Delas post it is clearly seen this has hapenned before. But you made a mistake this time,people got fed up with your absolute authority and you will now have to deal with it.Afterall you had people who wanted to progress in Naxx and maybe even be competitive.


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Re: Just dissapointed

#18 » Post by Krex1992 » 20 Dec 2016 22:15

No personal attack post this time mr gm.

Helo xd all my name is Keo and my goal from day one on this server was to see VK go to hell, people who I know, who I played with and who I have talked with. Knows that I have hated that guild since I joined my first raid guild called Crimson <3 And with this final verdict STRIKE VK down, I can just leave this server peacefully and do something else. I have spoken with other people in VK who have the same native tonque, and they can comfirm this 100%
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Re: Just dissapointed

#19 » Post by .Venna » 21 Dec 2016 02:32

You guys do know that this sort of stuff aired in a public forum frightens people away from Primal, don't you? We want more people here, not less.

We want people to understand that the vast - VAST - majority of players are mature and sensible and fun to be with. There's a lot of new people leveling atm and some are really enjoying the server. There are plans afoot for new guilds come BC which will also help the server immensely. (DO NOT GOOGLE EMU WAR!) Atm with 40 man content you really need to be part of a big guild and big guilds always have drama, even with great guild masters and officers. This stuff happens.

Hang in there another 6 months guys.
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Re: Just dissapointed

#20 » Post by Nyeriah » 21 Dec 2016 03:12


This looks like an internal guild management issue and this thread is permeated with information that otherwise belongs in internal guild forums, as their nature.

Seeing how this issue is isolated and how the involved players, and by extension the community, already had the past days to voice their opinion and participate in this discussion, I'll be locking it now.

Thanks for your time and understanding,



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