Guildelines to decent roleplaying

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Guildelines to decent roleplaying

#1 » Post by enkas » 12 Jun 2013 18:55

As I've firstly seen all those threads in the Role Playing, there were a lot of things that did disturb me. And so, I will make some guidelines for what to do and what not to do. It will help mostly the people who started roleplaying recently.

* First of all, I would like to point out the very basic rule of RP, and the definitions about that rule. What I'd firstly like to say, is no metagaming, godmoding or powergaming. For those who don't know these fancy words, I will explain them.
Metagaming means using OOC information for IC purposes. The most basic example would be knowing a characters name, just because the game engine shows it above the character, while in true, while roleplaying, characters need to get to know to eachother.
Godmoding means making your character survive even at the most impossible odds. This does happens a lot of time, when people do not want to lose their characters, as they think of the most stupid of reasons to survive... For example. Jimmy was standing a few meters away from Timmy, and thus, he fired his shotgun, hoping to hit Timmy, that was standing right in front of him..
Timmy manages to dodge the shotgun pellets just in time, and walk away unscathed.

That example was highly illogical... And yet such things happen...
Powergaming is when people emote an attack, without even giving his or her opponent to respond to attack. For example, Jimmy runs up to Timmy and plunges his blade right into his face, killing him instantly., while in truth, it should be like this Jimmy runs up to Timmy and attempts to thrust him, while aiming at his face.

Now that the very basics are covered, lets move on.

* Boasting for instances or raids you've accomplished... This shouldn't happen during RP. As there are a lot of people who have done the same thing in game, and while you claim to be a big hero, because of what game mechanics allow you, is rather lame. For example, you've attacked another faction's capital city and killed the bosses. In Character this would mean nothing, as Blizzard keeps their characters alive for reasons. Some would be heroes would not be able to be killed, unless they decide to kill a major lore character, and even so, they would mostly have another lore character do it, instead of a player charecter. So such raids would ICly end up in failure. However, speaking on PVE raids, if you are one of the realm first, feel free to boast that, as you did indeed helped killing those villains.

* Interaction to lore characters should be kept to a minimum, even if you take quests in game, that is only a game mechanic. Very important people don't get too many visitors.

* Warlocks. In the Horde, they are not meant as evil, as their races legitimately practice these dark arts. However, Alliance races frown upon that, and if they see an obvious warlock in their cities, they would execute that person or at least imprison him or her.

* Death knights. While those guys are allowed withing the grounds of the living, they are still feared and viewed as monsters. Even so, when visiting a city they must wear the Ebon Blade tabard or they will be taken for Scourge and killed on sight. Death knights are undead, who have their souls bound to their blades. They are killing machines. They have no emotions, no feelings. They do not go to sit in a bar. They prefer killing and fueling their runeblades with souls as a fun past time... And don't even think of ERPing as a one, as corpses have no libido nor bloodflow, that would make intimate relations impossible.

These lines are but very few things most RPers should know, but they are the most common mistakes done by the beginners. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask, I will answer them if I can.

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Re: Guildelines to decent roleplaying

#2 » Post by Emcee » 27 Jun 2013 03:05



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Re: Guildelines to decent roleplaying

#3 » Post by OnyxGuardi4n » 29 Jun 2013 00:51

Nice guide, pretty basic but well done.

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Re: Guildelines to decent roleplaying

#4 » Post by Shaeligator » 02 Jul 2013 03:48

I had a small RP group that we walked everywhere until we got a mount, because people rarely jog around in full sets of arnour.

I would advise against that...

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