The Need for RP

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The Need for RP

#1 » Post by Closar » 22 May 2016 16:04

Greetings to all RPers on the forums, It is I Millhouse MANASTORM!

Just kidding, anyway, Hello to all RPers on the forums! The names Closar and I am kinda new around here, I've been rping for QUITE the time (About 4 years or so) mostly on Warcraft 3 since back in the days I found WoW not "good enough" for me...yea, that's what I though of World of Warcraft back in the days...But yea, I search for RP and since there are two realms I wonder which one of those two is the most populated with RPers? And If there's an Alliance guild that accepts dwarfs than make sure to send me a message or whisper me on my dwarf character Yolrin, since I'll be open for RP most of the time.

So yea, I just came by to ask which realm is the most populated and to introduce my self to the RP community, for now that would be all, I hope I meet you guys online on one of the Realms!

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Re: The Need for RP

#2 » Post by Jiranthos » 22 May 2016 16:34

There was a project brewing up right here: ... 9&p=378915
Though it seems it was for the horde. You could glance over it just in case anyway.
Other than that, there have been some people trying to get the RP going, but it would seem it fails every time. If you're planning to start one or join an existing one, my best bets would be to go to PrimalWoW (progressive, start from Vanilla, and end with Wrath of Lich King in a few years), as it makes most sense, since the server and content would evolve with the characters, and as a TrueWoW player (non-progressive, all WotLK content unlocked already) I haven't seen any RP guilds or RP players on the WotLK non-progressive realm.

Welcome to the server. The idea is interesting, and I would also like to participate, if I had more time on my hands.

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