United Legion. Rp/Pve guild in Primal wow.

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United Legion. Rp/Pve guild in Primal wow.

#1 » Post by Gzman » 13 May 2016 03:27

IC:*You see a poster glued to a wall in it reads* "Greetings fighters of Alliance/Horde(depending on your faction). I am Gerunn Rageseeker of the Frostwolf clan. This is an invitation to any brave souls willing to fight the enemies of Azeroth. On my time here i have noticed the constantly growing hostilities between the two factions. If i learned something from draenor is that this path will only lead to end of the world as we know it. I call for an union! fighters of both the alliance and the horde fighting side by side against anything that would threathen our world. I have formed the United legion in hopes there are others that belive in this and are willing to fight to achieve peace and safety to both alliance and the horde.

Join now! Leave your request forms to this drop point (set of coordinates)

Commander Gerunn Rageseeker.

Ooc:Litle thing i made to explain things in in character manner. Now to out of character part.
United legion is a brand new rp guild i made to help with the lacking rp on this fine server. Its main focus is rp however we will be making rp/pve events come the possibility and the numbers.

As mentioned in my previous post i have plenty of rp experience and i hope i can get more people interested in the wonderful art of roleplaying. I will be personally holding Rp classes for those i deem not acceptable in their rp skills to keep sure anyone willing to learn will get their chance.
For sake of everyone this will not be heavy rp guild. Since as mentioned i wish to expand the rp playerbase. Not make it smaller :D .

Whisper Gerunn in game for more information. There will be an in character interview to get some idea of your rp skill.
Best of luck to everyone and lets hope this works!

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Re: United Legion. Rp/Pve guild in Primal wow.

#2 » Post by maralais » 13 May 2016 20:40

Count me in! The name's Ondath, Night Elf Druid. I unfortunately don't have so much time to be able to be active enough to be a guild officer, but I'd love to participate in all RP events to the best of my ability. Not sure if I can help you sign the charter, being an Alliance scum and all, but I'll try contacting you in-game. :)

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Re: United Legion. Rp/Pve guild in Primal wow.

#3 » Post by .vlad0002 » 15 Nov 2016 08:57

is the guild recruiting still going on ?

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Re: United Legion. Rp/Pve guild in Primal wow.

#4 » Post by Fimbulroot » 16 Nov 2016 16:31

I'd be interested. Played on Wyrmrest Accord (RP) on live. Love me some rp/lore. Hit me up in-game sometime on Fimbulroot (Tauren Druid).

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Re: United Legion. Rp/Pve guild in Primal wow.

#5 » Post by zaydah » 28 Nov 2016 14:38

Sounds interesting. I've only just started on this server so I am still rather low level

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