Deep Dark Fantasies

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Deep Dark Fantasies

#1 » Post by Exey » 03 Sep 2015 23:10

Actual name: Exey
IC Name: Exey Herrington
Race: Undead
Age: 9+10?
Birthplace: Deathknell
Home: Deathwing's basement

Description: The mists backed off and a shadowy figure stepped forward. Blood was drenching off of his torn clothes and it was clear, from the stench, that he's been dead from quite a while. He opened his mouth, in an attempt to speak, but couldn't. Understandable, whatever was left of his jaw seemed rusty. With clear effort, he uttered 2 words. "Sup plebs". Damn, his breath was stinky, but his hair made up for it.

Distracted from this disgusting creature, nobody noticed the second walking corpse. Walking slowly, he lined himself with the first forsaken. This one was rather fresh, his jaw seemed alright.
-Hi, i'm Exey and this is my partner, Neryx. We are a homosexual couple looking for a new server to roleplay and watch gachimuchi on.
Everybody sighed in relief. No creature in Azzeroth who watches gachimuchi can possibly be evil, right?

And thus Neryx and Exey began their journey within the weebs to conquer the server and obtain rank 1 titles in every season possible.

History: Born and raised in Deathknell, Tirisfal Glades. Met in a dark place full of bugs and ruled by a demon lord called Fyrend. One of their first experiences was farming Magisters' Terrace for a head enchant. Good times.

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