<Roleplayer> Character Introductions

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<Roleplayer> Character Introductions

#1 » Post by Virunus » 29 Jul 2015 22:58

note: Non-guilded people, you're welcome to participate as well, just note somewhere that you're not a member of <Roleplayer>.

Hey everyone, its been suggested that instead of having forums on the guild website, I just set up a thread here for character introductions, and that sounds pretty good to me. Not everyone runs addons, so this would be a good way for those interested to get a more detailed look at people's characters that they might be interacting with in the future. And of course, its just something for folks to kill some time reading through, seeing what kinds of characters people are playing, maybe getting ideas for themselves. Anyway, to keep things semi-organized, here's a bit of a form, kind of like you'd see in any RP profile addon anyway:

Character Introduction
Actual Name:
IC Name:



Additional Info:

Of course, if anything isn't applicable or you'd rather not share it (History is definitely one that plenty of people skip, or save for people to find out through actually roleplaying), feel free to leave it blank. Be as specific or vague as you want. Age could be "middle aged" instead of 39 for a human, for example. If you want to include personality information, I'd throw it under description. Anyway, that's all. I look forward to reading about your characters! Feel free to comment as well.
Link back to the website, since I'll be linking here from there:

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Re: <Roleplayer> Character Introductions

#2 » Post by Virunus » 29 Jul 2015 23:06

I'll get things rolling with my own introduction. Its pretty bare and its definitely a first draft, so expect me to come back and edit it to at the very least read a bit cleaner, but it'll do for now.
Character Introduction
Actual Name: Avra
IC Name: Avra Swiftwind
Race: Night Elf
Age: Young Adult
Birthplace: Auberdine
Home: Various inns, currently Stormwind

Description: Avra Swiftwind stands before you, about as tall as your average Kaldorei, and perhaps just a bit thinner than the norm. Her hair falls just about at shoulder-length, with a tuft generally kept in a high ponytail.

At first glance, one could likely tell that she's a runner, with her lithe, but still slightly muscular build. A closer look might reveal that she's one with a keen eye, as she has a habit of constantly watching her surroundings, even in casual situations. An even closer look would give away that she's not perfect; a pair of medium-length scars run diagonally across her left forearm, though she often covers this with elbow-length gloves.

As for her clothing; let's just say its easy to mark her as a hunter, or at least someone who is used to working in nature. It is functional, but not at all stylish. Oftentimes her garb is an embarassing combination of leather armor she'd made herself; Perhaps at one time it was all from the same set, perhaps at some point it will be again, but it certainly hasn't been the case lately.

History: (N/A)

Additional Info: (N/A)

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Re: <Roleplayer> Character Introductions

#3 » Post by .Tomerant » 08 Aug 2015 21:21

((I was hardcore RPer on Laurelin server in LotRo, did slight RP in GW2 and SWOTR... RP can make dull moments feel memorable, boring moments feel intense and overall game feeling a better place. Step in your character and let the imagination flow. I'm NOT a part of Roleplayer guild. ))

Actual Name: Tomerant
IC Name: Isaiah Tomerant
Race: Undead
Age: Adult, mid 30s
Birthplace: Brill
Home: Booty Bay


Isaiah is undead, so not much to describe there. The more you look at him, the less you see of him. You can even see trough his kneecaps if you try enough. Looks aren't the strong side of undead folks anyway. Best fitting description of him would be a living scarecrow.


Back in his wild days, Isaiah used to be apprentice of Royal Apothecary Society. Being one sneaky pile of bones, he stole Farranel's personal diary and got his hands on many yet unrevealed recipes. After R.A.S. got the diary back, Isaiah was banished from Tirisfal with orders which forbid him to live at any part of the region.
Isaiah changed his ways since than. Now he lives a peaceful life in Booty Bay harbor. He got reputation of one of the biggest Stonescale Eel dealers in entire Azeroth.
He still goes back to visit his place of origin, but never stays long enough to get into the trouble.

Additional Information:

He has one thing he hates the most. Gnomes.
His bones start to shiver just on a thought of that "race".
Back in his days of military service, he was famous for cannibalizing gnomes like no other undead ever.
Cruelty that would overrun him after he sees one had no limits. To this day, none managed to discover why he hates them so much.

(( EDIT: I included some stuff I actually really do in game. I indeed make gold as fisherman :) ))
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Re: <Roleplayer> Character Introductions

#4 » Post by Cleofatra » 24 Aug 2015 23:31

Not in <Roleplayer>
Character Introduction
Name is Fatui Rahaji of the Revantusk Tribe. Aha so ol' Fatui caught you eyein' him from across the bar ey!? Don't be worried mon, I won't hurt cha, its just a little shock. <as lightning wells up in his eyes and in his hands>. HAH! Just kidding mon, Fatui has no ill feelins towards ya kind. Pink or brown is all good my darlin. Now purple skinned folks won't be gettin' a pass by ol' Fatui, no no... Dose sneaksy tricksy elves deserve every last shock, that they do! I'll run them all the way back to their damn tree ifs thats what Fatui gotta do. <a blast of frost strikes the wall of the pub as Fatui jabs the air with 3 lightning quick strikes>.

No matter mon, heh heh, it's time for relax. Sit back, let te soothing smell o rain and sounds of the ocean bring you deeper into the storm mon. <he wafts the air with both hands towards himself> Fatui will cook you up a nice mix of herbs that'll take you on the journey of your life. Free of charge... What do ya say brudder?

Actual Name: Fatui Rahaji
IC Name: Fatra
Race: Troll
Age: 39
Birthplace: Revantusk Village, The Hinterlands
Home: Revantusk Village, The Hinterlands

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Re: <Roleplayer> Character Introductions

#5 » Post by .devo76 » 26 Aug 2015 16:14

Actual Name: Xylenna
IC Name: Xylenna Morgan
Race: Human/Undead
Age: 34 at time of undeath, now 36
Birthplace: Darrowshire, Lordaeron
Home: Undercity

Description: Xylenna is an unimpressive 5'2" with most of her visible skin intact. She still wears most of her Scarlet Crusade identifying clothing, and wears various beaded necklaces around her neck, with various small holy trinkets on them.

History: Xylenna always had the inclination to study the Light, which caused her to become a priestess of said Light. She was content to spend her time in her home village until the returning of Arthas from Northrend and the collapse of Lordaeron. Joining with the Scarlet Crusade, she desired to see her homeland wiped clean of the scourge. During her short time in the organization, she was recruited into a secretive sect of it which drew in a few light-users for the specific task of studying the advantages of using the powers of Shadow to aid the Crusade. However when the experimental program was discovered, the high-ranking officers had all participants in it executed.

On the execution ground, the forces of the newly formed Forsaken crept up and ambushed the crusaders, and with little preparations for an attack, the Scarlet execution detatchment was easily overwhelmed. All the killed were taken back to Deathknell, where they were all brought into the service of the Banshee Queen, including the priestess Xylenna.

With the freedom of being able to pursue the magic of shadows, and the blessing of time on her side, Xylenna now aims to destroy the Scarlet Crusade for betraying her, as well as purging the land of the Scourge.

Additional Info: Xylenna is also highly into trade and loves to barter.

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Re: <Roleplayer> Character Introductions

#6 » Post by Gorachlenor » 16 Oct 2015 18:20

Actual Name: Gorachlenor
IC Name: Gorachlenor ThunderHoof
Race: Tauren
Age: 30ies
Birthplace: Mulgore
Home: Mulgore

Description: Gorachlenor is a Hunter of the tribe ThunderHoof.

History: A Chieftain of Tauren Thunder for many years (SilverHand since Launch through cata) he has come to this place to find like minded souls and rediscover his connection with the EarthMother. With a deep distrust bordering hatred of the alliance for years of horrible atrocities, he still works to hold true to the idea of peace taught to him by his brother Uldina the druid. (Not and alt)

Additional Info: I played WoW for years on SH and ran a RP guild there for most of it. Had a lot of fun and maintain RL friends from it. I havent played since Cata, and have a very full RL so I 'm not on a lot. I would like to get involved in the community and have some fun, RP,PVE chat. I'm a gamer, been around a little while. Hit me up even if not for RP, I like Guns, Knives, Gaming, Exercise, long walks on the beach, cuddling lol and no drama.
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