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< Farstriders of Ashenvale >

#1 » Post by Iltharion Windsrage » 21 Aug 2015 19:12

The war in Northrend has had it's toll on the once, undisturbed communities of the Night Elves. With many of the finest warriors, archers, druids and priests being called away to aide in King Varian Wrynn's war against the Lich King, the Night Elves' control over their own territories has become decreased to such an extent that hordes of Orcs, Tauren and Trolls are allowed to roam freely and destroy the ancient trees of Ashenvale, and its surrounding forests. This, compiled with the ever increasing presence of cultists and necromancers of the dark magics, the Night Elves homeland is now facing a threat that will question the race's survival.

I, Iltharion Windsrage, have been requested to redeploy, the disbanded Farstriders of Ashenvale to ensure our people's survival and restore our economies and military powers to that of prosperity and growth.

  1. Race: Night Elf
  2. Classes: Those limited to the Night Elf race
  3. Serious roleplayers with a taste for pvp
  4. People willing to level in a group(not power-level themselves, and use the guild for its bank tabs) - this is NOT a levelling guild.
  5. English speaking members.
  6. No heirlooms
  7. People with patience as we will remain lore orientated at all times.

[hide="Recruitment"]This guild has not been created yet, I am waiting for a general indication of interest from a group of 10 or more players who, like me, have completed the game to the point that raids and dungeons don't interest you much anymore, and want to play the game through one last angle. I do intend for the guild to be able to sustain raids and dungeons in the future, but right now, starting from level 1, and role playing from there is it's main focus.

Anyone who is interested in this, please send me a PM stating
  1. your in-game name(and surname!),
  2. choice class, and a
  3. short backstory of who you are, and
  4. where you came from
  5. as well as a short description of you, yourself in the real world.
Once I have at least 10 separate players showing interest I will create the guild, and will send you a PM for a meeting place and time to sign the charter of the guild! If you have any other questions, please feel free to PM with them, and I'll be sure to add it to the original post.[/hide]

All comments are welcome, but I'd prefer for all posts to remain on topic, and relevant to role-playing.


Iltharion Windsrage

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Re: < Farstriders of Ashenvale >

#2 » Post by Jiranthos » 21 Aug 2015 22:40

Sounds like a really fun project! Although I do not have the necessary time to participate, I wish you all the best of luck. It's nice to see someone try something different for a change.

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Re: < Farstriders of Ashenvale >

#3 » Post by Wilcox » 21 Aug 2015 23:35

i would join this if I didn't I have to write a damn story ;d

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Re: < Farstriders of Ashenvale >

#4 » Post by Kniteknite » 22 Aug 2015 02:47

We look forward to Your arrival~
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