The Siege of Orgrimmar

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The Siege of Orgrimmar

#1 » Post by Ryuu » 29 Jul 2014 16:48

Stormwind City Keep, the War Room.

Around a fairly big wooden square of a table map had several Alliance Officers, Lady Jaina Proudmoore and the High King of the Alliance, Varian Wrynn.
The atmosphere around the cobblestone room was tense. The High King turns his head to his right, glancing towards Lady Proudmoore whom stands next to him. He slams both his hands on the table as he looks at the map of Durotar, looking at their landing spot on the east side of the shore, just outside of Orgrimmar.

Report our status, Jaina. Says the High King. Lady Proudmoore grows a grin on her lips as she sets her eyes on Orgrimmar, the "home" of the so-called Warchief of the Horde, Garrosh Hellscream, whom had devastated Proudmoores home of Theramore Isle.

The heroes are working on the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, Your Majesty. The Pandaren, Lorewalker Cho has accompanied them in helping purify the chambers below.

Varian nods, turning his look to the Naval Officers standing on the left side of the table map, whom look at the High King, awaiting for his word, which indeed the he speaks.

We will leave for Durotar. Get the fleets and troops ready. We are to move the moment everything is set. Garrosh.. awaits.

With these words spoken, the Officers nod and make way from out of the War Room, heading left, then down the way off to the streets of Stormwind City.
Varian stands and straightens himself, tilting his head up slightly from looking at the map, changing his gaze forward.
Jaina could clearly see the Kings mind was surely occupied with several thoughts and feelings. Such assault on a city was not going to be easy... but neither was it going to be done alone. She reaches her left hand up to Varians right shoulderpad, granting him a smile.
Noticing this, Varian returns a small one of his own, before turning around towards the Throne Room behind him.
We mustn't waste more time. Let us go. Spoke the High King and began to make his way out of the War Room and heading towards the Harbor with Guardsmen around the Throne Room following right behind him.
Lady Proudmoore, however, had left for the heroes in Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
The heroes, attempting to save three guardians of the Golden Lotus whom fight outside the now partially Sha corrupted land of the Vale. The ground below their feet, black, white, corrupted and crying in anguish.
Rook Stonetoe, a tough Pandaren Monk, his punches as hard a rock.
He Softfoot, a poor mute Pandaren and a skilled Rogue.
Sun Tenderheart, a Priest, now corrupted and thus her abilities resolving to those of Shadow Magic.
These three Pandaren, previously members of the Golden Lotus, now victims to the atrocity caused by the terrible leader of the Horde, Garrosh Hellscream, whom dropped the heart of Y'shaarj in the pool of the Vale, causing an explosion erupt within the land that corrupted a good part of it, spreading all the way to the other end of the area and breaking and killing anything in its path and awakening the seventh Sha; Pride.
Those fortunate, yet not-so-fortunate to survive, whom were affected by this explosion were corrupted by the Sha, as with what happened to these three guardians of the Golden Lotus, whom had sworn to protect the Vale with their lives if necessary. For the partial destruction of the Vale, these three guardians blamed themselves and their corruption only fed on this misery.

The fighting took its time until the heroes finally managed to defeat the Fallen Protectors and proceeded to clear a path to a goblin mine nearby, which had a good amount of Sha in between them and the mine.
Striking these monsters down, crossing the sha-infested lands, they reached the mine. No longer would they have a dark sky looming above them or the scarred land to have their eyes scan on, but instead, they now entered a dark and damp mine, which had a clear path hacked all the way to a huge once-hidden chamber of the Titans, where one of the Titans themselves stood in, one called Norushen.

This massive beast of a Titan, his head looking like that of a Lions, yet made of stone, along with his entire body being of the same material. The beast clad in crimson leggings and his eyes glowing blue like lightning.
Lorewalker Cho appears to have come from a different entrance to this Titan chamber as from those used by the heroes. Together, they entered the massive room, blue in hue, appearing to have several "windows" that looked like celestial spaces and in the center of the room, a platform that seemed to look as if it were a cover for a large propel below it, yet nothing of such were under it, but instead, there were steamworks of sorts, or such one might think, but perhaps it is simply safe to assume them to be Titan contraptions.

As the group came to the chamber, Lorewalker Cho spoke with amazement as he scanned the place they had just entered.
Astounding! Another chamber that looks to originate from these "Titans." To which the Titan replied to, as he noticed the newly arrived "guests."
Lorewalker Cho watched across the room at the Stone Beast whom stood before a door, clearly guarding its entrance.
Oh my! What is this? Hello! I am Lorewalker Cho!
No further corruption will enter the heart chamber! Stated Norushen, glancing back to the group.
Further corruption? No, we are here to stop the corruption, and save Pandaria! The Lorewalker attempting to convince the Titan of their good intentions to purify and save the land. The Titan questioned this, asking of Cho:
You wish to purge the corruption?
Yes! Please let us pass!
Knowing of the atrocity behind the door which he guarded, he knew what would happen to the group should he allow them pass as they were.
Should you pass this door, at this time, you would fail! You, all of you, are corrupted with the insidious plague known as Pride.
You stand tall and proud atop your accomplishments, and this will be your downfall.
Should you wish to defeat the corruption, you will first need to purify the corruption within yourselves.
Let me know when you are ready to face your inner demons.

And with that, the heroes made their way down the staircase and into the middle of the room, readying themselves for the coming challenge of purifying themselves.
Upon being confirmed, Norushen spoke once more.
Very well, I will create a field to keep your corruption quarantined.
A field of white flames surrounded the room, preventing any enter or exit in or outside the field.
Upon this action, a dark being, nearly the size of Norushen grew in the middle of the room. Amalgam of Corruption it was called, which was a mass of corruption brought together from the heroes in the room that have blended into one being. And so, the battle against their inner demons - now mixed together - began.

A good while was spent fighting this monster, and not only that, but ahead of them was lying yet another beast, one of the greatest of them all; Sha of Pride. This blue and white monstrosity that feeds upon the those whom feel great pride in their accomplishments and deeds and for this was the purifying "ritual" required before the group could enter the room behind the door guarded by the Titan.

Taran Zhu, leader of the Shado-Pan whom stand atop to the wall that go across Pandaria, serving as means to protect the land and especially the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, but playing a major part in defending other areas of the land. Terribly wounded from his battle against Garrosh Hellscream as he tried to stop him from dropping the Heart of Y'shaarj to the pool within the Vale, Taran Zhu was hanging in the balance within the room of the Sha of Pride.
Lorewalker Cho notices his old friend bleeding away and quickly rushes to his side.
Coughing and suffering in pain, the Lord of the Shado-Pan speaks.
Cho... the outsiders... THEY did this... we should never have let them in...
Don't speak, friend, I will take you to the healers. Says the Lorewalker whom proceeds to help out of the chamber.
With no more need to worry of either the Lorewalker or Taran Zhus safety, the battle against the Sha of Pride began with the help of the Titan, Norushen.

The battle went on as the Sha continuously mocked the heroes, trying to turn them against one another, allowing him to use their pride as his weapon to defeat his opponents, however the Titan kept reminding the heroes to be humble and free themselves of arrogance.
Noticing his efforts not taking as much effect, his gaze turned to Norushen, whom instead had pride swell upon him and using this to his advantage, the Sha of Pride unleashed this in the Titan, whom was unable to contain it and thus was killed.
Strengthening their resolve, the heroes fought the Sha of Pride and managed to defeat it despite the loss of Norushen.

Upon the defeat of the Sha, both Lady Jaina Proudmoore and Regent Lord Lor'themar Theron enter the room and what each within in see, is that behind the monstrosity that appears to have dispersed upon its defeat, there was Gorehowl, the two-handed axe of Warchief Hellscream, previously owned by his father, Grommash Hellscream, the Orc who saved their race in the past by sacrificing himself to kill the Pit Lord Mannonroth, thus freeing their race from the demonic corruption that they held.

It was through the actions of Garrosh that the Sha of Pride had risen to give about destruction, however, thanks to the actions of these heroes, it was managed to be destroyed before it could do anymore harm to Pandaria.

With words exchanged by Lady Proudmoore and Regent Lord, both took portals to the docks of Orgrimmar on the east side of Durotar, just outside the city.
The heroes took off to clear the shores off Garrosh's Horde and used the bombs next to their cannons to blow them up. With this done, the fleets were ready to land to the shore.

You heroes are a sight for sore eyes. Vol'jin's rebellion wasn't able to secure the bay. We're taking a pounding. Spoke the High King as he walked upon the ground of Durotar along with the now-arrived Lady Jaina Proudmoore and Ranger General Veresa Windrunner.
The Dragonmaw are supporting the Warchief. Notifies Lady Proudmoore as she sees the dark skinned Orcs ready for battle.
Yes. My scouts learned all about this one."Warlord Zaela." Bring her proto-drake down and the rest of the Dragonmaw will crumble.
Jaina sets her eyes of the proto-drake, which this Zaela, a female Dragonmaw Orc, whom is riding said proto-drake, clad in brown chestplate, a single shoulderpad on her left shoulders as well as legplates and boots to match the set.
We're going to need some serious firepower.
Commandeer those towers! Turn the anti-air batteries around and blast her from the sky! Ordered the High King to the troops, to which Zaela responds to as she glances at the army by the shore.
Dragonmaw clan, retake the docks and push them into the sea! In the name of Hellscream and the True Horde!

And that ends this part of the story of the Siege of Orgrimmar. I intend to finish this one, unlike one previously writen, but I just couldn't write it all at once. :p
Feedback is greatly appreciated! And if criticism is given, please keep it constructive, so that I may learn to write better!
This is truly enjoyable and I like sharing these stories with others and allow them to read them and knowing if it does its purpose is a greater reward for me than what I could ask for, as I know that I've succeeded in it. :)

Tell me what you think!
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Re: The Siege of Orgrimmar

#2 » Post by strikerz6 » 29 Jul 2014 17:41

Cool story, bro...
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Re: The Siege of Orgrimmar

#3 » Post by alexdookye » 29 Jul 2014 19:32

too long,didn't read.

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Re: The Siege of Orgrimmar

#4 » Post by r3p3ar69 » 29 Jul 2014 20:39

it was a good story ^_^
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Re: The Siege of Orgrimmar

#5 » Post by getrekdm8 » 30 Jul 2014 20:08


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Re: The Siege of Orgrimmar

#6 » Post by Ryuu » 31 Jul 2014 17:52

Edit: Then for those not reading, do save yourselves the time. I'm sure there are RHCs and raids to be done. :)
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Re: The Siege of Orgrimmar

#7 » Post by Arraj » 22 Oct 2014 16:46

I'm REALLY starting to dislike our forum community...

those "didn't read" posts are seriously not needed :P It's rp section of forum, you really expected something gets done with 10 lines??
RP stuff IS about reading and details :P

It's long post and I dont have time to read it now, but tittle got my interest and I'll sure read it in next few days when I find time. As someone who is sticking to horde only I surely wanna know what the hell is going on! ^_^
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Re: The Siege of Orgrimmar

#8 » Post by Naljs » 22 Oct 2014 17:01

Arraj wrote:I'm REALLY starting to dislike our forum community...

those "didn't read" posts are seriously not needed..
I believe someone posted a very ugly .gif about not reading a post, as response to a reaction in his/her/its own topic. Funny, I could've sworn that was you.
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Re: The Siege of Orgrimmar

#9 » Post by Arraj » 22 Oct 2014 18:24

Naljs wrote:
Arraj wrote:I'm REALLY starting to dislike our forum community...

those "didn't read" posts are seriously not needed..
I believe someone posted a very ugly .gif about not reading a post, as response to a reaction in his/her/its own topic. Funny, I could've sworn that was you.

You again... mocking me on someone else's topic. Seriously? Lets not turn this into personal conflict. It's not OPs fault that you have some weird habit of quoting my stuff and mocking me. You have some issues in real life man?? Amount of rage that comes from you lately is huge ;)

Yea, i posted "didn't read lol" giff as response to bluebell's post which went completely offtopic on my GUILD THREAD. Here in this case those giffs/posts are rather insulting way to respond. It's RP section, guy wrote pretty great stuff imo and all he gets is "smartass replies" of people that can only hate and criticize.
If Bluebell found my "didn't read lol" giff as insult, I found her mocking as insult too.

Nice to see you follow everything I post tough ;) ty, didn't know you like me that much :)

/truce ok? lets not ruin OP's post please. PM me if you have personal issues ok?

To stay on topic I'd like to suggest to OP to use different colors for dialogues. It's kinda hard to read with italic only as difference. After a while my eyes went :shock:
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Re: The Siege of Orgrimmar

#10 » Post by shaun03 » 02 Dec 2014 10:25

Nice job Ryuu! I thoroughly enjoyed this! Would love for you to do more :D
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