Memories of Dragonheart

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Memories of Dragonheart

#1 » Post by Ryuu » 20 Jul 2014 02:54

Hello! Writing again! ( More like copy pasting a story I wrote several months back xD )
To keep the introduction short, I would just like to note that this story and its events happened roughly a year after those of the campaign against the Lich Kings.

Without further a due, I hope you enjoy it!

"It was been a while since." Thought Dragonheart to himself, letting out a small and low sigh as he sits upon the throne of the great keep of Utgarde, his mind as heavy as the plate he wears. Grabbing his two-handed blade by its hilt, he looks at a small carving upon it, a certain mark which his father liked to put on his things and this blade was no exception.

The thoughts of the last of the Clan wanders both to his childhood as well as his long time meet with his childhood friend, Hector whom the Clan was built with.

"This city is as dull as it ever will be." Ryuu looked around the Cathedral Square with these thoughts in his mind as he stood upon the cobblestone steps in his plate and dark brown hat, until something caught his attention from under the shadows of his hat.

A man approached him and Ryuu examined the person infront of him.

"You look like someone able to hold both their drink as well as their defense in battle. How about we put that to the test?" The man says with a confident smirk on his lips. What purpose does this guy have to walk up randomly to someone like that?

After Ryuus examination of the man, he seemed to be too familiar.

"First, I don't drink. Secondly, you should know. After all, I beat you quite plenty a time... Hector." Ryuu replies to the man giving off a cocky grin back to him.

This catches the man by surprise. After all, how would Ryuu know his name? The man raises an eyebrow and peers at Ryuu searchingly, clearly a little confused.

"Huh? Who are- Wait.. Ryuu?"

"Took you a while. Seems like those corpses didn't catch you back then."

"As if I'd let them. You know me." Hector - as we know him now - puts up the same confident smirk as from before. Standing in his brown plate with few small spikes on his shoulderplates, already looking like he has assumed the look of a Vrykul.

Raising his right hand in a fist, he lightly punches Ryuus right shoulder "You still can throw a punch or don't tell me you've been slacking all this time!"

"Strength is the way to go, Hector. It's how we both have got here." Ryuu replies, assuming a more serious look to his face. "What else is there?"

"Loyality and honour, partner. What do you do with strength if your men go beating up their own? Well them and discipline." Hector follows the flow, his tone and "aura" changing into more a serious one, yet his smirk does not leave his face.

"... My men? What are you talking about?" Raising an eyebrow and folding his arms, Ryuu looks at Hector, who seems to be having something in his mind.

"Why do you think I don this armour? And what of your own? Or can you not feel what kind of blood runs in your veins? You better catch up and embrace the strength of the Vrykul, Ryuu." It seems that Hector has certainly found new strength within himself and it appears the strength does not show only mentaly, but clearly physically as well.

Both of them have definately grown since their young days of brawling for the fun of it, as a game, as a competition of who is better, who is stronger. With these words said and thoughts that have now come to wander in Dragonhearts mind, a feeling fills his entire body, almost as if he had just grown lot stronger.

"Perhaps.. perhaps you are right, Hector. It may very well be that which has been within us both, only that you have caught up to it before myself. Indeed.. it is to be."

And with this, did The Dragonheart Clan form.

Returning back to the present, Ryuu stands up looking around the candle lit throne room and begins to make his way to the lower part of the keep and outside - where once a commanding clansman of the Dragonflayer Clan, Ingvar the Plunderer stood yelling orders to the proto-drake riding Vrykul - Ryuu called upon his own drake, Zherath the Ancient whom he - after certain events - shares a soul-link with, meaning if one side dies, so does the other.

The red proto-drake feels his master calling and flies through the skies of Howling Fjord and to the great balcony. Upon mounting up on his drake, they fly off to the skies once more. Patrolling around the land, Ryuu watches as people come and go around the area, even while it appears to be rather quiet mostly.

The calmfulness of the flight once again brings him to his memories. Underneath his plate helmet, forged by his ex-warlord of the Dragonheart Clan, Sigfreid Thorson, or as we know him, Hector, the thoughts wander within his mind once again.

"Run! Go! I'll hold them back!" Yells the Warlord of the Clan as Ryuu stands his guard along with several of his clansmen and women while the Undead come after the Clan in numbers.

"You can't hold them all by yourself, Hector!" Ryuu shouts back to the warlord, which seems to be a suicidal attempt from him.

The yell falls to deaf ears however and Hector engages in combat with the corpses. Though after a moment of hesitation, the Dragonheart Clan make their retreat, leaving the Warlord to buy the rest time to fall back. After a while of both catching their breaths and walking their way forward, a bloodied man in plate runs towards the Clan. Indeed the warlord returns from the battle, though unsure as to whether he was actually able to defeat them all or were there too much for him, however it was safe to assume the latter...

"You're crazy.."

"You're alive thanks to it." Hector returns a cocky grin while panting from the clearly tough fight and a good run in his bloodied plate.

The memories shift to another time. This time in Grizzly Hills, not too far from the village of Silverbrook. The Warlord, a clansman and Ryuu have stumbled upon a human female, who - by the looks of her armour - seemed to have either been a warrior or a paladin, but a fighter nonetheless.

Hector commanding the clansman to capture the woman, the two engage in combat with the female, who appears to put up more of a fight than what she looks like and while struggling to fight against two opponents at once, she manages to stand her ground... until..

"I tire of waiting." Says Ryuu, who now draws his blade and locks his gaze to the female from under the shadows of his hat and without so much as a warning or word, he charges towards the female and in an aerial attack, he strikes his blade down at her as the female seems to have been off-guard due to her two opponents still locked in combat with her, Ryuu hits the females sword down and using his right elbow, he knocks the female unconcious.

Seeming to be surprised for a moment at first, the warlord commands the clansman to pick the female up and bring her to their small set up camp where the female is rid off of her weapons and armor and left with her clothes on.

Somehow still much of their actions within the Clan was not what Ryuu was expecting, as his vision of the Clan was fairly different from that which it was... Perhaps the seperation did good or perhaps it was exactly as Hector said. "Discipline." It seems to have been far too lacking from the High King, yet now he knows better. Something clouded his mind, clouded his actions, judgement... and he was affected by this too much, however learning from his past, Ryuu swears to uphold his Clan and make it that, which it should have been from the beginning: a cause to have the Vrykul be reborn from their late evil grasp.

Upon the finishing of his patrol, the High King takes the steps up to the throne room of the great keep of Utgarde and with all his plate, he once again takes his seat, waiting, wondering...

The keep is silent with only the red banners with a black dragon printed on them, hanging from parts of the keep and flowing with the cold wind of Northrend. It certainly is a clear mark of the ended, yet at the same time continuisly ongoing war against the unliving and the danger of the land.

Only time will tell what the future shall hold..

And with that, I would like to say that after reading it myself once again, I'm clearly seeing mistakes here and there. Right now, I can't be arsed to change anything of it, but might continue both the stories of this character as well as my previous ( Story of Stillblade ).

Thanks for those who took your time to read it!
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Re: Memories of Dragonheart

#2 » Post by Bluebell » 21 Jul 2014 20:01

Well, I read it all, although you may have carried on from a previous post which I didn't read, but imo you could do with describing things a lot more. The opening bit seems a lot more like a script, mostly dialogue, and later you merely say what happens, rather than how it happens.

For example, when the Drake flies through Howling Fjord, you could explain its path, how it flies, how people see it (perhaps creatures below being in awe), the surroundings themselves, or when they face the Paladin, describe her armour, her weapon, fighting style. You say she seemed like a Paladin or Warrior, why? How does she look? How does she fight?

What I mean is, and sorry if it's not what you intended from this short story, paint a picture. I'm sure in your mind, you have a beautiful setting and story, all in picture form, but when you write it, we just get the lines they say and a brief description. Try give the audience the image in your head, not just the plot.

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Re: Memories of Dragonheart

#3 » Post by Ryuu » 21 Jul 2014 23:06

Thanks for the reply and the feedback, Bluebell. And no apologies required. I am aware that the story could be better and comparing this one to the one I wrote before, it's clear which one is more lacking.
It is quite enjoyable to write these and even more so when feedback - such as which you gave - is received, as it helps in doing a better job next time. ( Or at least attempting to )

As stated, this was written several months back ( and it was not done in the comfort of a home :p ), so it can be one of the reasons to its lack of details and things.

Thank you once again for your feedback. Hoping to hear more, as I'm planning to write more at some point!

Short edit: This is different story and different character, that is not connected to the first one ( Story of Stillblade ). I would otherwise have continued on that post.
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Re: Memories of Dragonheart

#4 » Post by alpakturk » 14 Apr 2015 00:08

read this post with a deep smile

the fact that you are still going on gives me strength

it was brilliant, like the oldies,

May your pen never dull, my friend. It was lovely to see you again.

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Re: Memories of Dragonheart

#5 » Post by belendor » 14 Apr 2015 01:31

When i saw the title it reminded me of [youtube]h_Zx0tvNAi8[/youtube]
Sean connery <3
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