Story of Stillblade

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Story of Stillblade

#1 » Post by Ryuu » 31 Dec 2013 16:45

I saw this part of the forums and read a couple of stories and wanted to give it a go myself! If you see any errors to lore or time of the lore or anything, please let me know so that I may fix it, thanks!
And note that I've used as my timeline for this, so times may vary, but I try my best regardless. :)

Onto the story!

Much past is behind Khaz Stillblade, living near the great castle of Stratholme. Enjoying the green lands of eastern Lordaeron, he grew up a happy child... until the Scourge. In his age of 9, he was forced to evacuate his home and make way south towards Stormwind with his parents. News of western part of Lordaeron having recived the plague at Androhal was known, the plagued grains nearby the city of Stratholme as well, Khaz and his parents were desperately making their way out of Lordaeron as fast as they could in order to escape death.
The family - traveling with other citizens, allowed in the caravan rides of few - made their way east on the road from their home, not too far from the capital.

"Where are we going?" asked Khaz from his father, unsure of the events happening. His father would look at him with an assuring smile, replying with confidence in his words "Do not worry, my son. We are only heading south." Khaz' face clearly seemed questioning as he looked around.
As the caravan nears where Eastwall Tower stands, they are joined by a group of Lordaeronian soldiers. Khaz watching the men march on either side of the caravan, his face lightens with a smile.
"Mommy, daddy, look!" he says with excitement. "There's soldiers!" His parents turning their heads on either side of the caravan, looking out of the windows as the soldiers march, his mother replies with a smile "We are certainly now safe from harm."
His father looks at his wife, who sits to the left of him and Khaz on his right, he can see that these words were not said with the expression that is seen on her face, turning his head to their son afterwards "Indeed. There is no need to worry, as we've our proud soldiers defending us."

Their journey has gone rather quietly... perhaps too quietly. The caravan goes past Corin's Crossing and towards the crossroads between Crown's Guard Tower and Darrowshire. Not long after they reach this crossroads, the soldiers are commanded to take positions and prepare to defend the caravan from danger. Few passangers inside the caravan begin to panic, making them burst out of the doors and attempting to make a run for it. Their fates are unknown afterwards, but are presumed to have been killed by the Scourge.
The undead attack affects the horses as well, as they are not holding it very well. The caravan driver attempts to calm them down as they escort leader yells his command to the driver to get the civilians to safety.
"I'm trying to get the cart moving, but the horses aren't responding! They're almost frozen in fear!" yells the caravan driver, still attempting to make the caravan move.
Khaz himself, now curled up and leaning towards his father for protection, his voice is shaky as he speaks
"Mom... dad... I'm scared..."
"Don't worry, it'll be alright." replies his father, taking his son in his arms. His mother moves to hug both her husband and son. "We will be safe." replies Khaz' mother, attempting to bring comfort to him.

Though only short moment, it feels like forever and the caravan has not moved an inch and the Scourge only rising in numbers and few of the soldiers already lost to them. "No more waiting." says Khaz' father, as the holds his son in his arms and exits the caravan fast. "We must leave immediately. We cannot wait any longer. If we do not go by foot, we will not be able to go at all."
"You're right, we must leave now." Khaz' mother says with a worried expression on her face as she exits the caravan.
"Let's run as fast as we can." are the words heard before the family makes a run for it towards Thondroril Rivers bridge, the bridge between the eastern and western Lordaeron, now coming to be known as the plaguelands.
Managing to make their way to the bridge, the family take a short breather. "That was too close..." thought father Stillblade to himself, before setting his son down on his feet. Khaz looks as his parents, clearly worried of them and of everything. "What's happening...? What were those rotten things...?"
Khaz' mother walks over to him and kneels infront of him, wrapping her arms around him in a hug. "We do not wish harm to come upon you, Khaz.. We love you and you are very dear to us.."
Khaz, hugging his mother, is clearly shaking and shivering from fear as any at his age would surely do upon witnessing such events, his father places his hand on Khaz' head and gently strokes it, he attempts to keep a smile on his face that would hopefully bring assurance to his son. "We love you, Khaz and we will make sure you will be safe from harm." These words making Khaz turn his damp face from tears to face his fathers smiling look, Khaz manages to muster up a small smile back at him and responding with a slight nod.

Afterwards, father Stillblade turns his look at his wife for a brief moment, then returning his looks back to his son "Khaz? Me and your mother will have to be right back. We won't be long and we won't go far. Just stay here and wait for us and we will be back soon, alright?" Khaz looks at him for a moment, now with a questioning expression, he brings his right arm up to wipe his tears on it before giving him a reply. "Please hurry.." Mother Stillblade then stands up to face his husband, unaware herself of what he has in his mind, the two walk back towards east.

Khaz leans to the bridge, watching the river, as it flows ever so calm, this seeming to help him calm down a bit better himself.
"What exactly is going on..? I don't understand.. I just want to go home.." he thinks to himself as he waits for his parents return.

With every sound heard, with every footstep coming, Khaz hides under the bridge to avoid being seen and does his best in remaining quiet, which is how he was able to wait there for the few of hours that passed without his parents return. He was worried sick of his parents and scared of being alone... That changes however, as a group of soldiers, escorting a small caravan came to the bridge and before Khaz could hide unseen, a soldier runs to him upon seeing him standing by the bridge on his own. Khaz, giving a firghtened look as he is discovered, stands frozen in fear.
"What's a child like you doing on his own by this bridge? Where are your parents?" asks the soldier as he kneels down before Khaz.
"My parents.. I don't know.. They told me to wait here while they went to.. do something.. but they've been away for a really long time.." Khaz responds with his shivery and shakey words., which makes the footman let out a sigh. "I'm sorry, lad, but we need to go."
"But what about my parents!" Khaz shouts at the footman. The soldier then takes a hold of Khaz, lifting him up.
"I'm sorry to say this, lad, but if they've been gone for long, I cannot guarantee they're around anymore."
Hearing these words come from the footman makes Khaz well up in tears. "They can't be dead..." hardly managing to speak these words, his heart filling with great sorrow, the footman not saying a word as he walks back to the caravan and sets Khaz inside it and the caravan continues its journey.

The road continues across Western Plaguelands, Tirisfal Glades, Silverpine Forest and to Southshore, Hillsbrad Foothills, people coming and going... and dying throughout the journey, but the group ends up safetly in the small town from where they sail towards Stormwind. At Stormwind finds himself at the ophanage. Time goes on and four years pass, Khaz being at the age of thirteen and has become a squire for a knight of Stormwind, Sir Relith Lightstorm, a golden yellow haired man looking to be in his thirties at least, possibly older. Standing proud in his plate and a blue cape attached to his armor, which follows behind him and a longsword, which he has asked Khaz to carry for him, they walk from place to place, sir Lightstorm carrying his duties and Khaz carrying everything else.

"Have you made sure that my horse has the supplies I require?" asks sir Lightstorm from his squire whilst he fiddles around with papers.
"Yes, sir Lightstorm. Your horse is prepared." Khaz replies to the knight, whom then turns to face him. "Then what are you doing here? You are supposed to look after my horse. What if supplies are stolen from the horse, huh?" Lightstorm asks, clearly not pleased with how Khaz manages his job as his squire. "I'm sorry, sir.. I'm just new and.. I thought you might've wanted me to.. to carry your sword near you.. and.." Khaz mutters.
Lightstorm, now with a more unimpressed expression, he shoo's Khaz away. "Go. Now. And see to it that nothing is stolen, as it will be taken from your food otherwise."
Khaz makes his way switfly back to the horse. Upon Lightstorms return, the two head off and out of Stormwind on an errand that the knight has been sent on.
Later in the day as the two are making their way back to Stormwind, they've decided to take a little more scenic route through Elwynn Forest. Not far to the west from Ridgepoint Tower, they come upon a small camp of Defias, who turn their heads towards sir Lightstorm and Khaz. Grinning under their red bandanas that cover lower half of their faces, three Defias rogues, each with a brown coat and blue trousers and one paired with a blade on the left hand and a dagger on the right, one with daggers on both hands and third with a single blade.
"Well well.. what have we here? A boy and a fool." says one of the Defias, holding onto his blade and dagger, moving his black hair behind his right ear.
"Seems somebody's got little lost. Would it not be nice of us to show them the way?" speaks the Defias with the two daggers.
Sir Lightstorm seems to not be affected by the mocking speak of the trio. "Three loud mouths who have steered from the path of justice. It would appear that it has to be -me- who will be showing -you- the right way."
The trio seem to be insulted by the knights comeback, however recovering their evil grins once again. "Let's show this tincan the justice of the brotherhood!" yells the single bladed Defias, whom points it at the knight, after which the two other begin to charge towards him, the shouting Defias soon following behind.
Lightstorm quickly dismounts from his horse and reaches for the hilt of his blade from the scabbard held by Khaz. "Stand back, kid. This will be messy."
Khaz takes shelter behind a nearby tree to avoid the combat and watches as Lightstorm fights for his life against three Defias. He clearly know his way with the blade, however fighting against three at the same time is not the easiest of things to do.

A while goes with Lightstorm managing to take down the most short-ranged Defias who dual wielded daggers, the two Defias remaining as his opponents. "Not bad, but unless you want to die, hand over your things and return to that crumbling cobblestone you call a city, possibly with your life." the blade and dagger dual wielding Defias says to the knight, whom once again is unaffected by the mock speak "I suggest you surrender and repent your ways in that which you call "crumbling cobblestone" or I will be forced to take you both down."
"I tire of prolonging this fight with words! Die!" yells the same Defias, charging with his weapons towards Lightstorm, almost as if he knew nothing of fighting, to which the knight - with his training in combat - retaliates with a swing to the Defias' blade and with the same movement, he returns the blade in a "c" like motion, from down the left side of the Defias' waist, the knight slashes him up to the right side of his shoulder, opening a bloody wound on him, causing the "headless chicken" Defias to fall down on the ground dead.
His last opponent remaining fixated at Lightstorm, the two continue their battle until the last Defias is taken down.
Khaz peering from behind the tree after observing the fighting of sir Lightstorm, which seemed to have been a rather tough fight. The knight then claps his hands as a gesture of a job finished.

This post will continue. I had writen it completely, but during my writing, the site had automaticly logged me off and I lost much of what I had writen and I really can't be arsed to write it again right now... I will at one point, but now I'll just leave it at that... *disappointed ;_;*
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Re: Story of Stillblade

#2 » Post by alpakturk » 14 Apr 2014 19:35

It was fluent and well-written. I am excited about the next chapter :)

and it is really beautiful to see someone who is interested in those stories. I'm sorry to have less people like you on this server.

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Re: Story of Stillblade

#3 » Post by Ryuu » 13 May 2014 21:38

alpakturk wrote:It was fluent and well-written. I am excited about the next chapter :)

and it is really beautiful to see someone who is interested in those stories. I'm sorry to have less people like you on this server.
Terribly sorry for the late reply.. And thank you very much! I appreciate hearing others thoughts on it. :p I'm not the best writer, but I tried my best nonetheless :)
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