Video: Warlock tanking Keleseth 25 HEROIC

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Video: Warlock tanking Keleseth 25 HEROIC

#1 » Post by iceshock » 06 Oct 2016 06:26

Hey there!

About 10 days ago, i attempted for my first time ever to try and tank keleseth as a warlock, iv always heard the stories and stuff that warlocks tanked it on retail all the time and that it was just well, the normal, so we thought to put it into practice.

So 10 day's ago on 25n, i attempted to tank and ofc, im not the best warlock by far, quite poor to be honest, but anyway it was fun which is what the game is all about, and the results in 25n was interesting, was a learning curve etc, i haddn't a clue what i was really supposed to do, just slapped a few spells on my bar's that i thought might be useful and was like right lets go.

Here is the ICC25N Video and what happened ^_^ i had a off tank with me at all time's just incase shit hit the fan..


Now, today was our 25 Heroic, ofc i wanted to do it / try it, and here was the results, enjoy the video! was quite fun, still ofc was much more i could have done, especially if i didn't have the "comfort zone" of a off tank sitting there (he was eating a sandwich and watching) but still, if he wasn't there, id have to think alot more etc and try harder.

Here is the video from 25hc tanking:
Spoiler don't read if you want to see what happens:
Everybody ganked up to kill me in the end ^_^

But still was fun! id advise any warlock to try it simply because it actually is quite easy especially as a demo warlock and also destruction works well, Just put on demon armor, summon voidwalker for the shield if needed in emergencies, spam alot of searing pain, shadow ward when he is empowered or in heroic if you need to move, and just have some fun heh.

Hope you liked this! :)

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Re: Video: Warlock tanking Keleseth 25 HEROIC

#2 » Post by Longi » 06 Oct 2016 07:03

... nice, btw music volume in heroic version is damn badass ( I think I woke up my whole family :( )


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Re: Video: Warlock tanking Keleseth 25 HEROIC

#3 » Post by marisco » 06 Oct 2016 07:08

Wow, nice job man.

I'm not sure Blizzard knew what to do with the idea of tanking locks for a long time. In wrath Demo locks gain a taunt when in meta. Like, wtf, if he's not supposed to tank then whats the purpose of a taunting spell, right? I guess you could say it's a Gimmick tanking, just like you did here. Then, comes Mists of Pandaria and they have a glyph (dark apotheosis) that allows straight tanking, no gimmicks. I'm talking about RHC and boss tanking, 100% uptime. Too bad it was removed in WoD.

Now that demo locks have lost meta to demon hunters (which can tank) in Legion, I would say they've always imagined the concept of a tanking metamorphosis, but never had the guts to implement it on locks. A tanking clothie would be too absurd right?

But once again, great effort... nice to see some outside of the box stuff like this, specially since private servers get so dull with the endgame repetition.

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Re: Video: Warlock tanking Keleseth 25 HEROIC

#4 » Post by ccrs » 06 Oct 2016 07:45

really nice video, u did the even harder version since u had no pvp gear and no extra stamm, so congrats :)

next time try the voidwalker, constant 10%+ magic reduction instead of a one time shield

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Re: Video: Warlock tanking Keleseth 25 HEROIC

#5 » Post by Eronox » 06 Oct 2016 08:52

A legend has spawned!

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