Arena Event Teams

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Arena Event Teams

#1 » Post by Lightbearer » 03 Aug 2021 22:04

If you are gonna participate in the Arena Event this is the Forum Post where you need to specify Character Name,Class and Spec of your char that will be participating so we can put you with a partner that is most suited for your PvP experience and Gear.

Make a post following this format:

Character Name:
How much PvP gear you have:
Arena experience:

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Re: Arena Event Teams

#2 » Post by chickenbutt » 03 Aug 2021 23:55

Sounds like fun

Playing Enhance since 2013, played many comps in 2s upwards of 2200 depending on server obviously. Shaman is 4/5 wrath rele shoulders with many offset pve pieces
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Re: Arena Event Teams

#3 » Post by Doctor_J » 08 Aug 2021 13:42

OK, been a while since I did arenas (and not much not sure how many in total since was pre-2012 and seem to have no stats for arenas do see I am 11/100 into Mercilesssly Dedicated but that was pre tw I did those and not sure how many I did in total or what win ratio was as no stats but from achievements seems 2009 so 12 years ago.

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Re: Arena Event Teams

#4 » Post by goldenknight » 09 Aug 2021 22:19

well I wanna join the fun too
so let's go
Character Name: Goldenknight
Class: Mighty paladin
Spec: HOLY
How much PvP gear you have: A lot OF relentless and wrathful
Arena experience: I was good but I do not know now
so in short
I wanna a good partner to carry me :D
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Khaled -Death Knight
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