World PVP Calls for you !

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Re: World PVP Calls for you !

#16 » Post by Jiranthos » 20 Jan 2017 13:53

We're not allowed to give out rewards that are not accepted by the whole of the staff (which requires discussions and time), so rewards would come out of players' pocket. Maybe do a "buy in"? Say, everybody that wants to participate pays in starter fee, and winner gets all the money from the buy-ins. I'd be willing to port people to the arena and oversee some of the proceedings and ongoings, personally if you just want a GM (and a helpful player), but I cannot *officially* approve this from the whole staff point of view, alone.
Good enough?

Edit: Somebody else will have to come up with all the rules and what is allowed and not and what will happen where and when. Then just pm them to me. I don't really have time to plan out events at the moment, but I can help host it for a few hours on a specific, known evening.

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Re: World PVP Calls for you !

#17 » Post by milanlord » 20 Jan 2017 14:06

Sounds awesome and enough for me Jiranthos, thank you :) We will need few days to discuss about everything and try to get this going on asap :)
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Re: World PVP Calls for you !

#18 » Post by Xtremest » 22 Jan 2017 07:25

Perfect! i like both the ideas, from milan and jirantos. I'll discuss with milan about the rules and other stuffs. And i agree how the rewards will be given. I am soooo excited xD already I did some world pvp in gurubashi arena and pawned some ppl ^_^ :P

Milan PM me.
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