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Twinking 70-79

Posted: 03 Apr 2014 22:48
by shaun03
Now I know a whole bunch of you hate twinks, saying things like "You only twink because you suck ass at level 80 pvp", which may be true, but when your characters are all alliance, then there's not much hope there. Anyways, a little off topic, but I could not emphasise enough the need for more people to begin twinking the 70-79 bracket.

It's an amazing bracket to pvp in, because of the following reasons;

1) You can twink at level 70, and beat the living shit out of any higher level in the bracket (if you know how to do it)
2) No player is severly overpowered compared to any other. If you twink at 79, and at least put some effort into it, you would have the resilience gear you can craft for level 78's.
3) There is a really active pvp community in this bracket. I'd dare to say that there are more alliance joining in comparison to horde, than there are at 80!
4) It's a true test of your ability to go up against a fellow twink, with both of you on equal terms.

Granted there are badly geared players in this bracket, so it would really be appreciated if some of you levellers would mind sticking around for a while, be it at 70, or 79 :D

Some of the more well known horde twinks, that really are the best I've played against are :
1) Illumination [70 Retribution Paladin] (hands down btw)
2) Kyle [79 Enhancement Shaman] (damn near impossible to kill 1v1)
3) Ukthar [79 Arms Warrior] (hits like a truck, and takes damage as if he's protection )
4) ... and there aren't any more active twinks I can think of, although Hades [70 Arms Warrior] has joined in recent times, he's out of practice, and should rather go back to Protection XD - he used to be quite a while ago, or you can take some tips from Ukthar :P (and yes we know who you are)

Darchy, if you see this, and I know you will, your little 79 Warrior(Swagstormxqt is it? can't remember) is ok I guess, but if you'd actually stop behaving like a dk with the whole DOT(bleeds), hamstring and then jump around waiting for those to kill players off, only to "re-engage" in combat, to reapply them, then I'd give you credit, but unfortunately, that's the only way you can kill the better players :P

So anyways, you guys can use this to discuss twinking at 70-79, or even general 70-79 PVP discussions, it would be great! :D

By the way, lets keep this professional boys, yes some of us are well geared, but we spent that time gearing ourselves up to that point, just like many of you do at 80, so keep the hate out of here please!

Re: Twinking 70-79

Posted: 03 Apr 2014 22:55
by Darchrow
lol i'm not even a twink xD
i'm just leveling through bgs... and no i don't wait for dots to kill... idk how you came up with that... when i jump off a target it's to hamstring another to try and save a teammate that can't endure much beating. If that's not the case, then it's probably because my target bubbled and no point in really staying near him....
and for the whole it's most balanced, two words: Blood Dks.

Re: Twinking 70-79

Posted: 03 Apr 2014 23:20
by shaun03
No it isn't :o You have done it many times, even when an alliance member is outnumbered and you're taking a shit load of damage from that player, you run away and do as a death knight does. If you want, I will screenshot you the next time you do it, just to show that I'm not making it up! :D

Anyways, I never meant any offence to you, so don't take it personally, you do it, it works, so what if you're not a conventional warrior - you've got a tactic, and it works. Don't deny it just because of whatever reasons you want to deny it. And even if my opinion is that its not really a "proper" tactic, what do I know, I'm more head on than trying to kite another player, especially when playing an already hard to kill plate wearer. I just don't think its a tactic to be proud of, especially from a plate wearer ;o

And with regards to your "blood dk's " thing, I don't think they're overpowered. They're strong yes, but its most likely just because the people who play it, know exactly what to do. Like I stated via my examples, its only players who know what they're doing that are able to defeat others. I've come up against a couple of blood dk's, and they're really not hard for me to fight. The twinks are hard, but being able to go down to the wire with them and lose marginally, doesn't mean you're a bad player, or that they're any better than you! If you'd be so kind as to list the blood dks that you find so disgustingly overpowered, then perhaps they can comment as well.

Re: Twinking 70-79

Posted: 03 Apr 2014 23:33
by Darchrow
nothing taken personal :P
what i'm denying is me rending, applying hamstring then just leaving target, sometimes i rend more than one target because if the bleed damage doesn't tick due to absorbs i get no overpower proc and that's very hindering as an arms warrior considering that overpower is my most damaging ability ( due to the fact that is has a 78% crit chance )
and again to the blood DK thing. I remember a player called Missmissisisi or something like that, tbh he / she was really bad, but even with that, i could barely beat her / him on 1v1 due to the fact that she / he outhealed all my damage with so much ease, like, not even trying to.
A blood DK on that bracket can mindlessly spam death strike, even if you heal reduct him, you need at least 1 twink and one other to kill 1 twink blood DK...

Re: Twinking 70-79

Posted: 04 Apr 2014 07:53
by shaun03
I hear your argument and raise you the following. There is a horde dk, Psimon (73) as at yesterday. He's blood but has played frost in the past (played against him since 60's). He had roughly 14k health yesterday and is pretty decent geared with some brutal gladiator pieces, plus the much prized 2 hander. Anyways, 1v1 I can kill him with the only stat of mine decreasing is my mana. Maybe being able to dispel every disease on me helps, but maybe its just a case of class and anti-class.

Obviously a higher geared dk may cause me more problems, but a 73 vs 70 should be able to do some more damage than that.

Re: Twinking 70-79

Posted: 04 Apr 2014 10:40
by shaun03
Oh and how could I forget the hunters that pwn in the bracket;

Dezolator (79) - was the king of this bracket for a very long time. Granted he's been away for a bit, or I just haven't seen him that much recently.
Smegster (70, Survival) - Great player, was my nemisis in 60-69 as well. The only successful 70 twink hunter I've ever had the pleasure to play against.

Won't include Curve, because he's a dual boxing little shit when he does play (look out for his low level druid, Curwe, that he has admitted to joining a bg only to get it started). He's also overly arrogant, and can only ever be a threat when in a group, so he's ommitted from my list. L2Smegster you poor man's Dezolator. lol

Re: Twinking 70-79

Posted: 04 Apr 2014 22:30
by Floss
70-79 bgs is dead mon -_-

Re: Twinking 70-79

Posted: 05 Apr 2014 18:07
by Fivecapz
1) You can twink at level 70, and beat the living shit out of any higher level in the bracket (if you know how to do it)

few words here - fire mage, full level 70 pvp gear. unable to hit a single spell on a level 79, oom from trying to hit a scorch. totally accurate.

Re: Twinking 70-79

Posted: 06 Apr 2014 01:15
by Mojo
I agree with the fact that 70-79 bracket bg is more balanced than 80's and by the way more fun :D
And regarding horde twinks that my rogue lvl 79 loves kill I would say of course Dezolator, Illumination are my favorites (problem is than if i am with lowbies on my side and that if horde side there's 2+ twinks they kill me also ).

I would like to say that bg's at lvl 60-69 are also very fun and in this bracket there is almost no resilience items except some heirlooms from winterspring, so it is even more balance than 70-79 bracket :D . At this bracket i can name some good horde twinks that my mage lvl 69 loves kill when he can : Irosc a hunter and Sow a shaman there is couple others but don't remember the names. The only bad thing in this bracket is that bg happens less and sometimes you can wait +1hour without it happens.

I would advice to people having 80 chars without arena gear to lvl up alts for do PvP at low levels and they would see that there is more fun than at 80 because at lvl 80 hordes are almost always overnumbered and overgeared against allies, this way the bgs are not fun.

The funnier bgs I made is when both sides have almost the same level of gear and the same number of opponents in both faction.


Re: Twinking 70-79

Posted: 06 Apr 2014 05:28
by meraz
Twink bg is always fun! :D

Re: Twinking 70-79

Posted: 06 Apr 2014 16:17
by shaun03
Mojo, I'm glad that somebody sees the point of this topic :)

@Fivecapz I haven't tried out twinking at 70 with a mage, (might in the future), but I do play a twink protection paladin, and am able to hold my own against melee classes at level 79 such as death knights and paladins, although these 1v1 battles usually end with one of us die'ing because we get swarmed by the opposite team) These are people that have 18k + health and with 400 odd resilience from gear (I make a habit of checking the players I fight, on the armoury afterwards).

On top of that, when I first started queue'ing, people used to tell me I'm a nab and an idiot for choosing to twink in protection. Yet, I have proved many of those doubters wrong because I ususally end up with 300k + damage in a bg with more than just 2 people in it. I might not be able to burst people down, but I can laugh at them trying to do that to me, especially when I have taken half their health off with an Avenger's Shield, Rocket launch (engineering tinker) and Hammer of the Righteous. People underestimate level 70's, and sure I have died my fair share of times, I know I have annoyed people with my longevity and stubborness.

And before you say something along the lines of "ye bt prot iz opzzzzzzzzzzzz", there are rogues, who twink at 70, are doing the exact same against higher levels. It all depends on whether you know how to play your class or not, and if you know your limitations / strengths, like you should.

Re: Twinking 70-79

Posted: 17 Apr 2014 09:40
by shaun03
Just to update : -

Kyle has switched to Elemental. Hard to kill, but he attracts everyone now :P

Horde are currently struggling for any active twinks to help them out. Pls halp.

Alliance twinks to be mentioned ;

Brugeverad - 79 Unholy Death Knight
Nanaa - 79 Feral / Restoration (only in big fights!) Druid
Simbad - 71 Subtlety Rogue

Alliance has many non-active twinks that log on from time to time.

Paserak - 79 Protection Warrior (Kyle's bane - heu heu heu!)

Most alliance twinks are considering leveling to 80 because of the pathetic show of pvp from the horde side. Come on hordies. Grow a pair, and start throwing them around.

Re: Twinking 70-79

Posted: 18 Apr 2014 07:46
by Peanuts
wait one month and there will be a horde twink posting that alliance nvr queue 70-79. thats the way twinking is here, there always seems to be one faction that dominates, loses interest and lvls to 80. thats wat happened when i twinked on my horde lock (shenuts).

p.s 70-79 is by no means balanced for all classes in my opinion. Dks and high burst classes can generally run completely rampant due to the lack of resi to survive a stunlock, silence/AMS, burst dmg chain. (i mean i ended up criting for like 7-8k with chaos bolt on full pvp gear twinks on my destro lock when they only have 18-20k hp)

Re: Twinking 70-79

Posted: 01 May 2014 10:32
by Etro
I hate twinks because they destroy the purpose of why I join BGs while leveling; earning good exp and a break from questing.

I have been getting some PvP gear to try to survive a little bit more, but I still can't be compared to twinks with epic gems, enchants and professions. So, whenever I see one of these twinks and my faction doesn't have a twink (which is most of the time) to make it fair, I just leave. They don't even have the decency to let me have a fair fight with someone that isn't a twink.

Yes, I'm QQing. Leave me alone ¬.¬

Re: Twinking 70-79

Posted: 08 May 2014 04:50
by Torcano
Kinda off topic here but how is the bg frequency situation in 70-79 bracket currently anyway, leveling a warr and dk for that purpose and can't decide if I should stick to 69's or move to 79's. :?