Reinstating PvP Titles

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Reinstating PvP Titles

#1 » Post by bobsmyname » 25 Feb 2019 00:31

So I honestly do think that we should once again have on primal, and if people wanted truewow, to get the PvP titles added again. I've been playing on quite a few different servers lately, and every one of them has a PvP rank system similar, but easier to obtain, to what primal had.
As well as this, Primalwow was originally an attempt to make an as blizzlike experience as possible in it's progression, tho with the population, the lack of pvp even when there was a population, we can all admit that the best that we could have done was done, but that is now fairly out of reach.
This, as well as the route that other more active servers are taking, I personally believe that these ranks should be reinstated.
I also think that the required HKs that we had set were good, no need to nerf that, or increase it (as it'd mess with people who broke say r8, and then only have enough for r7 or 6.)
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Re: Reinstating PvP Titles

#2 » Post by Nicke » 25 Feb 2019 00:56

This could bring pvp to life

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Re: Reinstating PvP Titles

#3 » Post by oliverkiis » 07 Mar 2019 19:09

Doesn't seem like a bad idea.

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