Arcane and Stead Shot Macro?

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Arcane and Stead Shot Macro?

#1 » Post by MasterPooBaa » 26 Jun 2022 05:59

Hi All,
So I'm attempting to create a Arcane and Steady Shot macro.
It kinda works, but is also kinda wonky and I'm not sure why.

/castsequence reset=6 Arcane Shot, Steady Shot, Steady Shot, Steady Shot

What i *thought* should happen:
First casts Arcane, followed by 2 or 3 steadys, the number varying depending if Arcane has cooled down or not.
With no buffs I can get off 2 full Steadies, but the 3rd will overlap Arcane coming off cooldown.
With Speed buffs on (Imp Hawk, Rapid Fire) I can do 3 full Steadies.

What actually happens:
I *must* cast 3 Steadies, otherwise I cannot cast Arcane again, even if i space out the steadies with say a mend pet in the middle.

If I reduce the macro down to:
/castsequence reset=6 Arcane Shot, Steady Shot, Steady Shot
This works better, but not so well under haste effects and still wonky if i cast something between the Steadies.


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Re: Arcane and Stead Shot Macro?

#2 » Post by Roel » 26 Jun 2022 09:34

Macros can't check cooldowns, you need 2 buttons to make your own choice between 2 or 3 steady shots.
reset=6 means that the sequence starts over if you don't press the macro for 6 seconds, which won't happen when spamming it. So it completes the sequence with 3 Steady Shot before starting over.

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Re: Arcane and Stead Shot Macro?

#3 » Post by alinbanciu » 27 Jun 2022 18:14

Hi there! It's quite impossible to do it as you want it, but my recommendation would be to always go for 1x Arcane, 3 x Steady Shots, even under low haste conditions.

Lets take this case, low haste: 1 arcane, 2 steadies

1x arcane, 2 x steady = (0s) Arcane....(1.5s)......Steady Shot (1.75s)....Steady Shot (1.75s) = 5 seconds ~ this point (after 5 seconds) you have 1 second left of the arcane cooldown

> in low haste conditions, if you start a 3rd steady, your rotation will look like this:
(0s) Arcane....(1.5s)......Steady Shot (1.5 + 1.75s)....Steady Shot (3.25 + 1.75s)......Steady Shot (5.00 + 1.75s) = 6.75s

If you analyze what happens before and after your 3rd Steady shot, starting from t = 5 seconds up to t = 6.75s, you get this:

t = 5.00 > start cast 3rd Steady | Arcane cd = 1 second left | GCD passed 0,00, time left 1.5
t = 6.00 > 3rd Steady cast time at 1.00, time left 0.75 | Arcane cd = ready! delay 0.00 | GCD passed 1.00, time left 0.50
t = 6.50 > 3rd Steady cast time at 1.50, time left 0.25 | Arcane cd = ready! delay 0.50 | GCD passed 1.50, time left 0.00
t = 6.75 > 3rd Steady cast time at 1.75, time left 0.00 | Arcane cd = ready! delay 0.75 | GCD passed 1.50, time left 0.00

So there are two things delaying your arcane shot:
- Arcane cd = ready! delay 0.50
- 3rd Steady cast time at 1.50, time left 0.25

0.5s from GCD and 0.25s from the Steady shot itself = 0.75s

In an average 3 minute fight, you get 180 seconds / 6 sec cd Arcane = 30 shots, while with the delay you will be able to do only 180 sec / 6 sec + 0.75 delay = aprox 26 shots .......... losing 6 shots per 3 minute, while those 6 shots aren't completely going to waste, they are getting replaced by Steady Shot damage.

Main conclusions for using 1 x Arcane, 3x Steady shot rotation:
- the damage loss is not high, it is getting replaced by steady shot damage
- if you play MM, doing more steady shots increases your Improved Steady Shot skill uptime, boosting your damage
- by doing 1x Arcane, 3x Steady shot, you are tapping into the smoothest classic MM hunter rotation, which is (Aimed Shot>Chimera > x3 Steady shot repeat), which of course for you is replaced by 1x Arcane + 3x Steady, but it feels the same
- if you have to move, you can also do 1 x arcane, 2x steady, move, 1x arcane shot while moving, stop move, Steady shots. This will create for you a time window of 1 sec (check t= 5.00 above) + 1.5 sec GCD given by the Arcane shot = 2.5 seconds to move.

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