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Bugged quest's in Dragonblight

Posted: 25 Nov 2013 15:14
by darkangel5
1. ''A Fall From Grace''
Guard from High Abbot are not leaving when i ring the bell and I can't spoke with High Abbot to finish quest.
2. ''Torture the Torturer''
In this q I have a quest item with what i need to hit Torturer 5 times min to get him fully questioned before i kill him.I was hiting him bunch of times with it and didn't get that part of quest completed. His killing is counting but questioning not.
3. ''A Means to an End''
In this quest Foreman Kaleiki is green (friendly) target and not attackable and I suppose to kill him.

I hope i was clear enough in explaining bugged thinkg in quest and hoping in soon fixing it. Thank u in advance!