Wrathgate Chain (Alliance)

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Wrathgate Chain (Alliance)

#1 » Post by walspj1 » 26 Jul 2013 03:30

Does the Wrathgate chain in Northrend and then the subsequent raid on the Undercity work on the server? I completed all of the prerequisites and got the achievement, but the area has not phased to have Alexstrasza and Korialtrasz sitting there.

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Re: Wrathgate Chain (Alliance)

#2 » Post by Drago » 26 Jul 2013 08:25

The quest you want to do requires heavy if not impossible scripting job to do for it to work because last I heard from a developer it's on scratch, isn't scripted at all. The problem with Alexstraza not showing in the Wrath Gate can be solved by correcting your phasing state there (it bugged for me too) by a GM.
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