Engineering "Scavenging"

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Engineering "Scavenging"

#1 » Post by Aequitas » 06 Sep 2011 22:37

I've been reading a lot about the scavenging mechanic available to engineers. I vaguely remember such a thing on retail though that may be my imagination running away with me as I have not been on retail in many years. In either case, is this mechanic not working here?

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Re: Engineering "Scavenging"

#2 » Post by gojiira » 09 Oct 2011 17:45

it kinda seems to work here.

it might just be the heavy amounts of herb I smoke, but it seems my engineers get gem drops and engineering junk drops (bolts, known plans...ya know...junk) every once in, more often ya know?

I'm pretty sure I saw Vultros in westfall making copper tubes and bolts before I killed it.

...Angry vultures with tools...what's next? Chickens trying to fly and attack boars in slingshots?

(but yeah, seems you will get engy drops with that profession or profession related items more often)
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Re: Engineering "Scavenging"

#3 » Post by Ygraine » 10 Nov 2011 02:51

Yes scavenging does work nowadays. It used to be bugged before though.



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