Black Pearls

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Black Pearls

#1 » Post by Aezshara » 24 Mar 2011 12:23

Hello there,

As the name suggest this topic has something to do with Black Pearls.

If anyone needs a Black Pearl let them contact me in-game. I seem to be able to farm them quite easily.. In around an half hour i might manage to get one. I will offer my services to enchanters who need them and anyone who thinks they can scam me on this buy receiving one from me and then selling it :P think again... won't happen ^^

anyways my in-game name is Aeszhara ;)

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Re: Black Pearls

#2 » Post by Aquilusnex » 01 Apr 2011 14:32

Is it hard to get the black pearls? I know where to farm them on retail... is it the same here or different? :o I know I'm looking towards my next rod, which uses one. I'm about ten points away from being able to make it. ^.^


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