Herb spawn points are completely wrong.

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Herb spawn points are completely wrong.

#1 » Post by ItchyVortex » 02 Feb 2013 20:24

I dont know if this is already known, or actually intentional, but herb spawn points are COMPLETELY wrong. My suggestion is to fix it.
First let me introduce myself, i was a spermik player that stopped playing 1 and a half year ago, now im back with and im currently at lvl 23 (My char is Esunna), and that doesnt give me much power to suggest things here, but here goes:

In this server, i started noticing herbs weren't spawning correctly since lvl 15~, i was leveling at Darkshore and then Loch Modan and finding the right herbs to lvl my skill was pretty hard, there were almost no Mageroyals, but for example Stranglekelps are everywhere!
I know Stranglekelp is supposed to spawn a lot near coasts, but a lot doesnt mean 1 plant every 5 meters in the whole coast of Darkshore!
And lets talk about Redrige Mountains, there are Bruiseweeds everywhere, for real. I went out trying to find some Briarthorns, but all i can find is Bruiseweed, they are grouped up like each 40 square yards have a place where there are 5 grouped up Bruiseweeds, and occasionally you will find 1 Peacebloom, 1 Earthroot, 1 Mageroyal or 1 Briarthorn, but this is reaaaally rare.

I hope my words are clear and you can understand what i am saying.

I also wish i could show you a map of retail Herb spawns in Redrige, but i couldnt actually find one from patch 3.3.5 :x
Anyway, spawn rates didnt change much in the Cata world, and according to wowwiki, Bruiseweeds are supposed to be only 8.4% of the plants from Redrige.

Before posting this topic, i quickly did a circuit run at Redrige to gather some statistics, at the end of the topic i will attach an image with the circuit i have made.
From that run, i found 17 Bruiseweeds, 3 Mageroyals, 2 Peaceblooms, 5 Earthroots and 2 Briarthorns.
That means 58% of the herbs found in Redrige are Bruiseweeds. This isnt really accurate since i only did the circuit once, and the circuit only covered a small portion of the map, but i actually think that if all the herbs on Redrige were included on my statistics, Bruiseweed rates would be even higher!

Oh, and Redrige is only an example because its where i am and its the easy for me to talk about it, but im sure i noticed this problem in Loch Modan, and probably there are more zones with wrong herb spawn points.
Hope this gets some attention.

TL;DR Herbs are not spawning like they should, some herbs appear way too much, others are way too rare, and they arent disperse in the map like they should, lots of them appear gathered in small groups.

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Re: Herb spawn points are completely wrong.

#2 » Post by Raxxo » 02 Feb 2013 21:00

Check out Westfall.
Bruiseweed, bruiseweed everywhere.

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Re: Herb spawn points are completely wrong.

#3 » Post by Drago » 03 Feb 2013 01:11

Lol, it's the same with Mining nods... Check Ghostlands, there are 3 nods in one everywhere, silver, tin and copper all in one, marvelous! :P
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Re: Herb spawn points are completely wrong.

#4 » Post by Nyaneve » 03 Feb 2013 14:56

Never having played on retail before, I can't really say anything about the spawning there. But yeah, the routes suggested on guides vary vastly from the herb spawning 'habits' here.
Best bet would be to get some nodes from gatherer.
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Re: Herb spawn points are completely wrong.

#5 » Post by ItchyVortex » 06 Feb 2013 21:06

I wish this topic didnt die without getting a reply from a mod :/
Also, after looking a bit on the forums, i found an old topic talking about the same problem, dating from 2011!
Can i get at least a message to know if any progress was made?
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Re: Herb spawn points are completely wrong.

#6 » Post by Doctor_J » 06 Feb 2013 21:34

actually that issue got fixed before september in most zones there was max of like 15 herbs spawned per zone between all types at any given time

and fyi the barrens is full of mage royal, plenty of it in silverpine forest too,

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Re: Herb spawn points are completely wrong.

#7 » Post by Jaxxian » 07 Feb 2013 22:02

I agree that it would appear that there are an abnormal amount of herbs and mining veins around. But I don't think it's entirely the servers fault. Back on retail when ever I'd play on an unpopulated server there would be an abundance of these materials. Cupeled with the fact that the majority of the people on this server are level 80, I believe it's possible that with the lack of attention to the lower level areas it causing the spawn rate of these collectable items to become redundant.

I don't know any of this as fact, but I thought I'd just give my 2c.


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