[*] Rest in Peace --- Testeromir [*]

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Re: [*] Rest in Peace --- Testeromir [*]

#16 » Post by rohankhanna » 08 Jul 2019 17:19

I really wish this weren't true, i've known Testera since the time he was leader of Timeless Circle over the time he joined Divinity we started raiding more often and eventually became good friends, someone that i could trust with my real life problems as well, i've always admired his traits of being calm - listen - understand - think through. Many times we have conversation he'd start with "Well" which i started using too and everytime i did use it, i was reminded of him, of what all i learnt from him. It's true he was a person that had patience , logical thinking.

R.I.P Brother.

You will be missed.
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Re: [*] Rest in Peace --- Testeromir [*]

#17 » Post by Gelian » 08 Jul 2019 18:07

I will continue to cherish the wonderful time we've spent playing and chatting. It was always a pleasure to be in his company. Rest in peace.

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Re: [*] Rest in Peace --- Testeromir [*]

#18 » Post by loveable4 » 08 Jul 2019 22:05

It is very upset that I came here after a long time and saw this
Although I did not meet you in real life, But I experienced a lot of good times with you in game

History never forgets loved ones

Rest in peace brother
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Re: [*] Rest in Peace --- Testeromir [*]

#19 » Post by Sagiri » 09 Jul 2019 15:00

I still can't believe the news... I so hoped they are not true...

Hundreds, if not thousands of hours shared in raids, many chit chats and laughs... I will never forget them.
We lost such a great player and even a greater person.
I haven't had the pleasure of meeting You in real life, but knowing that You are gone forever leaves me devastated. Too early, way too early...
Thank You for all your time, knowledge and advices.
Let's meet again and kick LK`s ass over and over <3 :cry:
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Re: [*] Rest in Peace --- Testeromir [*]

#20 » Post by Kniteknite » 09 Jul 2019 19:35

As Gelian remarked, keeping good thoughts and remembrances of those We lose are the most important, not only to keep us sane, but also to consol those having a harder time with the loss of a loved one, and be supportive. Gnurg mentioned Jaho as well as others I didn't know as well. I appreciate the efforts and contributions of everyone in this post so much, it's reasurring to know that people care enough still these strange days. It can be a rolercoaster ride with things like this, so thank You. My condolences and best wishes and intentions. Rest in peaceTesteromir~ :arrowu:
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Re: [*] Rest in Peace --- Testeromir [*]

#21 » Post by Longi » 10 Jul 2019 06:24

Rest in Peace,


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Re: [*] Rest in Peace --- Testeromir [*]

#22 » Post by bobsmyname » 10 Jul 2019 06:56

I never knew them, but that doesn't mean I can't give my condolences to them and everyone whom lost who seems to be such an amazing person, judging off what was written here.
May you rest in peace.
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Re: [*] Rest in Peace --- Testeromir [*]

#23 » Post by m2oenergym2o » 12 Jul 2019 16:29


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Re: [*] Rest in Peace --- Testeromir [*]

#24 » Post by Dymond » 24 Jul 2019 12:17

That is so sad. Life is short. Enjoy while you are here and have no regrets!

"Grief is the price we pay for love."


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