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TW is still alive

Posted: 16 Oct 2017 10:34
by Gadoschi
Last night we have recorded 53 players online on the TrueWoW realm.

I know it sounds ridiculous to mention this number as something to look forward to, but considering the recent trend of population increase, I am still hopeful.

This was the first time in months that I could not see the entire online player list displayed (since the maximum to be displayed is 50).

Let's do our best to keep this up and hopefully revive the 25 man and PvP scene once more.

I hereby encourage officers of the remaining guild(s) to organize a more stable raiding schedule (raids, raiding days, raid times and raider leaders and backup leaders in case the raid leader cannot log), as it was shown last night that several players were making random raids, and, as a result, no 25 man raid was done, even though he easily could have considering how many players we had online.
There is simply a different level of discipline and commitment from every player when an officer leads a raid.

Re: TW is still alive

Posted: 18 Oct 2017 01:28
by IronSharona
I saw the same thing happen about 2 months back one Sunday. Let's keep the momentum going!

Re: TW is still alive

Posted: 18 Oct 2017 20:16
by Mirramar
54 players online right now, one ony10 in progress and multiple people logging alts to queue for the event dungeon! ^_^

Re: TW is still alive

Posted: 19 Oct 2017 01:14
by Joh0239
So far this week we done Ony/EoE/VoA/ToC/RS 25 Full clears. And it's only been one day.

Icc25n Will probably happen today (19/10-17) @19:00 aswell.

Re: TW is still alive

Posted: 19 Oct 2017 12:19
by loveable
yes we are trying hard to keep it alive
Unfortunately staff's dont giv s..t about this realm
maybe we do 1 or 2 , 25 man pernight so we have raid whole of week
but As Gadoschi said its still alive , i hope for some 25hc soon