Tank LF Raid

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Tank LF Raid

#1 » Post by Alistania » 06 Aug 2017 00:44


What I am looking for:

A progressive raid group where the team is competent and focused, but able to have fun along the way. I'm not looking for yelling, or absurd demands.

My preferred times are US Evening times. The days don't matter much. I live in Colorado, so for example, a raid that runs from 7-10pm MST would be something I am looking for.

About me:

I have thirteen years tanking experience, mostly in WoW, but other games as well.

I killed Illidan pre-nerf and dabbled a bit in SWP before Wrath launched.

I've been on Primal for while, and raided a bit in early Vanilla with Murmur, but I had to take an extended leave due to a travelling job, and no portable PC.

I'm almost 70, and will be hitting dungeons as much as i can for rep/loot.

Feel free to post a reply or contact me in game if you're looking for a tank!


~ Alistania

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Re: Tank LF Raid

#2 » Post by Thena » 06 Aug 2017 04:17

Don't forget to check out our Guild Management forum!

Specifically, our Primal Guild List might come in handy when searching for guilds.

Good luck in finding a guild!
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Re: Tank LF Raid

#3 » Post by jgun17 » 07 Aug 2017 19:44

Hey Alistania,

Exalted Reputation started this week and are looking for quality players to fill all roles. We raid Karazhan every week (and kill Prince), as well as do one or two nights devoted to 25mans. We mainly raid during the week usually around 8-9pm Eastern which should work for you. We will be on this server until Lich King is dead! Wish you luck, pm Subtlety or any member in Exalted Reputation for more info/invite.

Best, Sub


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