NPC's and Spell damage

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NPC's and Spell damage

#1 » Post by blockitall » 23 Jun 2017 11:14

Firstly. let me say that I am loving the server.... No real bugs that I have spotted so far, not badly coded and a great effort.
I have no idea where to put this so I am hoping someone can sort that bit out for me ^_^

My only gripe is that all the NPC casters deal insane amounts of damage!

I play a prot paladin and am struggling with casters in TBC content, their spells hit so frickin hard, take the Wrathguards in Hellfire for instance: Their fire wave thing deals 270-300 per tick and it ticks really really fast. I remember on retail being able to tank at least 4-5 of them with ease and be able withstand the flames, then have the need to heal up.... Not dance round them like a little fairy, avoiding even one of the flames as it will nuke out 50% in 2 seconds flat.

I cant comment on many other NPC's as I am only level 60 but I am sure others will be able to?

I know this is an issue all the way from level 1 until max, as I tried to avoid casters like the plague, for fear of certain and imminent death!!!!!

What I am basically asking is, could their spell damage be dialled down a bit say maybe -40% at least it will give people a fighting chance.

Well Thanks for a great server and a chance to relive the nostalgia.

Peace out 8-)

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Re: NPC's and Spell damage

#2 » Post by Fitzpatrick » 23 Jun 2017 13:25

The wrathguards are a little buggy. Its been noted on the bugtracker: One thing I would suggest is getting Dual Spec as quickly as you can and making a Retribution off-spec for leveling. Ret is fairly rediculous at this point for ease of leveling.

Welcome to the server!
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