OpenWoW DB alternative for TBC/WotLK

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OpenWoW DB alternative for TBC/WotLK

#1 » Post by anniefelis » 22 Jun 2017 16:48

Since Primal is up to TBC, the vanilla gaming DB isn't going to cover everything people are looking for. The only problem is that the 3.3.5 database people have been using for years is gone. After some poking around I came across this new site which has a replacement database, wiki, and addon compilation.

The drop-downs menus aren't currently working correctly, but you can still enter search terms and it'll bring up information in the old school WowHead format. The wiki is currently sparse, but being a wiki I imagine people can submit information to help.

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Re: OpenWoW DB alternative for TBC/WotLK

#2 » Post by asdfmadu » 23 Jun 2017 13:32

This one is the most complete and accurate Db that I know.


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