Transfering when TBC hits

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Transfering when TBC hits

#1 » Post by Skankhunt42 » 25 Oct 2016 12:47

So when TBC hits and someone requests a transfer from another server, will it be instant 70lvl? Because this makes no sence for someone totally new gets level 70 without questing in outland, shouldnt transfers be limited to level 60? So everyone are equal during first days of TBC. If thats not possible atleast postpone transfers when TBC hits for like week, so people who dont want to skip content can catch up.

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Re: Transfering when TBC hits

#2 » Post by Eronox » 25 Oct 2016 18:29

I believe that will be the case indeed, just not at instance. Meaning, a month or two will go overdue before the 70lvl transfers is allowed so the existing community can reach to it in advance. This is, for obvious reasons, to stabilize and actually make a point from transfers.

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