Video: FUNNY hunter pet bug! PET RACING!

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Video: FUNNY hunter pet bug! PET RACING!

#1 » Post by iceshock » 22 Oct 2016 04:05

Hey guys,

Here's a funny video of a bug i discovered, (go try it hunter's for fun before its fixed) ^_^ although hopefully it won't get fixed because it's doing no harm and is good fun, and we could even make some fun event's from it lol :lol:

Anyway, the bug is, you need a pet with dash, then use eyes of the beast, and the further away from your character you travel, the faster your speed gets, use aspect of the pack / cheetah also for extra speed.

Anyway, here is the video, watch it all, the first 1 min 30 are showing / explaining the bug to a friend but still is worth watching, then after that we did some racing lol. also he had the 30% increased movement speed pet talent and i didn't meh! ^_^

Enjoy! watch in 1080 HD, and subscribe to my channel!

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Re: Video: FUNNY hunter pet bug! PET RACING!

#2 » Post by Fastor » 22 Oct 2016 11:55

Thats buff that helps pet return faster to its master, there was story about it few years ago about it in BGs.

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