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Re: About Faction Change

#31 » Post by Royal » 26 Apr 2011 22:04

faction change is blizzlike..wont be removed...it wont be balanced either...the reason for that we dont need to know it seems...if there is one
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Re: About Faction Change

#32 » Post by Matsy » 26 Apr 2011 23:08

^ there is two, roels version and everyone elses version.
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Re: About Faction Change

#33 » Post by dziubeks » 26 Apr 2011 23:41

not sure but blizzard change faction costs like 1 or even 2 months of playing, so like for me it should costs like 2k VP, it should be really hard to do it. Its so lame when i see some1 who changed faction then he changed back... in like 1 month. 2k VP is 200 days of voting or 100 if twice a day so its not even so hard to do it. If u want char in other faction, make an alt:P
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Re: About Faction Change

#34 » Post by Stray » 27 Apr 2011 05:21

I think it`s good as it is and it should stay that way for now. The only balance factor that a PvP server requires, is getting the Battlegrounds going smoothly all the time. Since Alliance has less people in queue than Horde, maybe like 80% of the time, they need a larger number of people interested in playing PvP.
My point of view is different than most of the people. Lets say there are 90 Ally - 80 Horde in a peek hour (Only 80s). 80 Allies prefer doing other stuff (Arena/Instances etc.) and 60 Horde are the same way or just prefer doing one battleground per day for Arena Points.
So whats left in Battleground queue is 10 Allies and 20 Hordes. So I support the idea theoretically balancing it on 15/15 even if Allies are 95 and Hordes are 75.
The payed option for going Alliance -> Horde for ~5$ is a bad idea.
Donations from people who are interested in keeping the test server alive and making this a market asking people to pay for stuff are different things. I am sure everybody wants this place to be peaceful. Hope you understood. :)
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