[Pending] Enable Higher BG Rewards (Daily/Holiday)

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[Pending] Enable Higher BG Rewards (Daily/Holiday)

#1 » Post by .kurthos » 23 Sep 2015 08:03

If you turn on daily/holiday arena points from Battlegrounds, you'd have much more active PvP scene.

For any scene to thrive, you need a mix of casual and hardcore players. Right now in the Arena Scene you have players who queue for points for the week and people who push their ratings up. Unfortunately, this requires more than just one player so you exclude casual solo players.

Holiday bonus honor results in many queues which is why I suggest you open it up to

It doesn't feel good as a hardcore Arena player to only be 100 points off of an item. This problem would be solved as well.

You wouldn't see an extreme proliferation of the gear thats meant to be harder to earn because of the rating requirements, but you would see more people Queuing at least one game a day.

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