[Feedback Thread] Auction House Bot.

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Re: [Feedback Thread] Auction House Bot.

#16 » Post by candre23 » 26 Jun 2020 01:19

most people will buy the cheapest auctions so I don't understand how this can be such a big problem as long as you undercut the high ahbot prices
That's what I thought too, but that's not what's happening. My guildies and I are all using auctioneer and doing the auto undercut as always, but sales have dropped to nothing. I'm re-listing everything every other day, but there's so much that's not selling that I can't even fit it all in my bags. The only thing I can think is that, as you said, sorting auctions by price only sorts the current page. Maybe folks don't know that. Maybe they have so much gold that they can't be bothered to go through all 10+ pages for commodities. Whatever the reason, the result is the same.

The buyer config doesn't look all that complicated.

Code: Select all

#    AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.Enabled
#       Description: General enable or disable AuctionHouseBot Buyer functionality
#       Default:     0 - (Disabled)
#                    1 - (Enabled)

AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.Enabled = 1

#    AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.FACTION.Enabled
#       Description: Enable or disable buyer independently by faction
#       Default:     0 - (Disabled)
#                    1 - (Enabled)

AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.Alliance.Enabled = 1
AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.Horde.Enabled = 1
AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.Neutral.Enabled = 1

#    AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.ChanceFactor
#       Description: k value in the formula used for the chance to buy an item "100^(1 + (1 - (AuctionBid / ItemPrice)) / k)"
#                    It must be a decimal number in the range of (0, +infinity). The higher the number the higher chance to buy overpriced auctions
#       Default:     2

AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.ChanceFactor = 2

#    AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.Baseprice.QUALITY
#       Description: Base sell prices in copper for non priced items for each quality.
#                    The default values are based on average item prices of each quality.
#       Defaults:    Gray   3504
#                    White  5429
#                    Green  21752
#                    Blue   36463
#                    Purple 87124
#                    Orange 214347
#                    Yellow 407406

AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.Baseprice.Gray = 3500
AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.Baseprice.White = 7500
AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.Baseprice.Green = 200000
AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.Baseprice.Blue = 500000
AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.Baseprice.Purple = 2500000
AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.Baseprice.Orange = 10000000
AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.Baseprice.Yellow = 20000000

#    AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.ChanceMultiplier.QUALITY
#       Description: Multipliers for the buy/bid chances for each quality. 100 means the chance is 100% of the original,
#                    1 would mean 1 % of the original and 200 would mean 200% of the original chance.
#       Defaults:    Gray   100
#                    White  100
#                    Green  100
#                    Blue   100
#                    Purple 100
#                    Orange 100
#                    Yellow 100

AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.ChanceMultiplier.Gray = 10
AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.ChanceMultiplier.White = 50
AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.ChanceMultiplier.Green = 100
AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.ChanceMultiplier.Blue = 100
AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.ChanceMultiplier.Purple = 100
AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.ChanceMultiplier.Orange = 100
AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.ChanceMultiplier.Yellow = 100

#    AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.Recheck.Interval
#       Description: This specifies the time interval (in minutes) between two evaluations of the same sold item.
#                    The smaller this value is, the more chances you give for an item to be bought by AHBot.
#       Default:     20 (20min.)

AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.Recheck.Interval = 20
I made a few modifications from the defaults that, at first glance, seem appropriate. You'd obviously have to do some trial and error on the test realm and likely tweak some things. I'm happy to test it out and submit suggestions for modifications if you like.

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Re: [Feedback Thread] Auction House Bot.

#17 » Post by Roel » 26 Jun 2020 09:46

The buyer config isn't complicated but that's the problem, it's useless and could break the economy badly. It would need to be reprogrammed, completely changing how it works.

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Re: [Feedback Thread] Auction House Bot.

#18 » Post by Dabeer » 25 Aug 2020 23:31

Obviously the default AH buyer settings are very coarse and will lead to exploitation and inflation. Unfortunately if the purpose of the bot is to simulate an active server population and economy, having the bot buy is necessary. I assume that simulating such a population is desirable, given that we would want to retain new players who might otherwise give up due to lack of opportunity to participate economically.

I've been thinking that there should be a way to code up virtual buyers based on class and level, and scale item prices by desirability and availability, so that only appropriately priced listing sell, and only some of those, especially when the market is flooded. The inverse of this logic could also be used to normalize selling prices so that low-level items don't outprice LK items.

Obviously this would be a lot of work, coding this up. If the staff is interested, I'd be willing to volunteer to write it.

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Re: [Feedback Thread] Auction House Bot.

#19 » Post by theprinz2 » 29 Aug 2020 19:35

On PW a lot of low level gear (level 5 -50) sells very well on the AH for prices, new players can actually afford ( a few silver or so usually, depending on the level). I put those auctions on, because i believe it keeps new players interested in staying on the realm.
The AH Bot on TW features prices for low level gear, no low level new player will ever be able to afford =(

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