Lvl 70 questing simple question

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Lvl 70 questing simple question

#1 » Post by Gawson » 17 Jun 2017 01:33

Do we get more gold from questing at level 70

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Re: Lvl 70 questing simple question

#2 » Post by .Venna » 17 Jun 2017 01:50

Generally on a TBC server you would. But this is a Wrath server and so level 70 is not level cap and therefore the core does not provide the extra gold. No, you don't get extra just what the quest would normally provide.
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Re: Lvl 70 questing simple question

#3 » Post by Vaen » 17 Jun 2017 08:19

Actually, that is not accurate, you do get gold for questing at level 70, at the usual rate of 6 copper per xp.
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