Wishlist (WTB)

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Wishlist (WTB)

#1 » Post by Belthezar » 01 Jul 2014 03:16

Since archive forum where I had this topic was locked and prevented me from editing it, I am reposting it here.
Couldn't think of anywhere else to post this...
Hope it's fine to post this.

Just wanted to put down a list of things I want to buy, if anyone might be interested
Contact me in game on Belthezar on Alliance via ingame mailbox or on site via PM

WTB List:
[hide]Herbs (Icethorn, Lichbloom, Adder's Tongue)
Rare Gems (All colors)
Meat: Rhino Meat, Chunk o' Mammoth,
Fish: (Musselback Sculpin, Glacial Salmon, Nettlefish, Rockfin Grouper, Deep Sea Monsterbelly, Glassfin Minnow)
Eternals (Fire, Life, Air, Shadow, Earth)
Saronite Bar
Damaged Necklace
Argent Tournament Pets (Horde only)
Frozen Orb
Primordial Saronite
Abyss Crystal
Arctic Fur, Borean Leather, Heavy Borean Leather, Nerubian Chitin, Icy Dragonscale, Jormungar Scale
Northern Spices[/hide]

[hide]Elementals: Mote of Fire, Mote of Earth, Primal Earth, Primal Fire
Dampscale Basilisk Eye[/hide]

[hide]Fish: Deviate Fish, Stonescale Eel
Herbs: Briarthorn, Stranglekelp, Earthroot, Wild Steelbloom, Ghost Mushroom, Sungrass, Fadeleaf, Swiftthistle
Elementals: Heart of Fire, Living Essence, Essence of Fire, Elemental Earth, Elemental Air, Globe of Water, Core of Earth
Arcane Crystal
Mining: Mithril Bar, Iron Bar, Thorium Bar
Rugged Leather, Rugged Hide, Cured Rugged Hide
Fiery Core, Elementium Ore
Heavy Junkbox[/hide]

[hide]Cindercloth Vest+Boots+Gloves+Cloak+Pants
Hyper-Radiant Flame Reflector
Bejeweled Wizard's Bracers
Big Bag of Enchantment
Blue Lumberjack Shirt
Blue Workman's Shirt
Red Workman's Shirt
Bottomless Bag
Bracers of Havok
Cloak of the Black Void
Flarecore Wraps
Green Lumberjack Shirt
Merlin's Robe
Royal Moonshroud Bracers+Robe
Runed Stygian Belt +Boots
Rustic Workman's Shirt
Sash of Ancient Power
Savior's Slippers
Spellslinger's Slippers[/hide]

[hide]Crimson Deathcharger
Hyacinth Macaw
Tabard of the Lightbringer[/hide]

Also interested in buying any super rare pets or recipes etc. that I may not have listed (or may not know of yet :D ).

Looking forward to good business ;)

Please contact in game for prices, as they may change and I do not wish to continously edit posts for anyone seeing this for first time in future, given that possibility.
Considering the quantity of items I wish to buy that may result in many prices changing over time and I'd prefer not to post them here for multiple reasons (NONE of those being due to secrecy), for example, people commenting simply to criticize price as I'm sure plenty would do.
Thanks in advance for understanding
(Mail can be sent cross-factions too, if you're horde, please try sending mail to B-E-L-T-H-E-Z-A-R first, thanks.)
Check out my WTB list all you silent farmers out there!

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Re: Wishlist (WTB)

#2 » Post by NubzX » 01 Jul 2014 11:11

This is the guy you want to go to for a smooth deal trust me :)

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Re: Wishlist (WTB)

#3 » Post by toamuka » 01 Jul 2014 12:07

I have:

107 frozen orbs
118 Eternal Life

IGN: Deathchicken
F: Alliance
When people think WoW is supposed to be a balanced game.
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