How to: make easy money

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How to: make easy money

#1 » Post by Arraj » 07 Dec 2014 00:04

I was asking about trading subforum but staff thinks it's not good thing to have it so I'm gonna "re-edit" idea I had in mind and make it as guide. Here you will find HUGE list of stuff that can get you nice amounts of gold, especially if you are starter on server (aka new player).

As you all can see 10-19 bracket is 2nd most active bracket on server. New lv19 characters are appearing every day. Warsong Clan is getting new guys on daily basis. Not sure about our rivals on alliance side, The Grim Reapers but they are biggest 19lv community on other side of Azeroth so they are worth mentioning.

With all this said it's clear that demand of 10-19 materials, items, prof. products are in big demand. This can be very helpful to new guys on server and here is how:
If you stumble upon something from the list, especially BoE gear, don't equip it, vendor it or whatever. Save it until you reach first mailbox, put some realistic price on it and C.O.D. it to gm/officer from any of 2 above mentioned guilds. You have options to put it in AH, but i'm sure that previous option will get you 95% chance that you will sell your item.
Those are items that you will most likely replace in 2-3 levels and for 19lv character they are of very big importance. Grab your chance and get some easy money ;)

I wont put average prices of stuff here since economy is unstable on server lately. Feel free to determine prices on your own.
However, if you overprice it I can guarantee you that none from Warsong Clan will buy it.
We refuse to buy overpriced items.

List of items you can C.O.D. us or put on AH:

Shadowfang - this item is more rare than Shadowmourne nowdays. If you get your hands on this, you are one damn rich lowbie.
Assassin's Blade - also very rare item, best item for rogue's opening hits.
Skeletal Club - I like to call this one "baby shadowfang". It's very common wep tough.
Twisted Chanter's Staff - hunters that have no looms will most likely pick this one.
Staff of the Friar - this has become very powerful regen weapon for casters out of combat.
Staff of the Blessed Seer - decent option for mage without loom staff, but those mages are rare.
Tree Bark Jacket - nice starter chest piece
Gloves of the Fang - very important lv19 item but drops very often.
Blackened Defias Belt - best dmg increase belt for few 19 classes. Not that rare tough.
Witching Stave - same as any other non loom staff.
Black Malice - good 2h weapon but not the best one.
Night Reaver - 2h shadowfang in axe version. Not rare as shadowfang tough.
Guillotine Axe - there are ppl that prefer stats instead of "on chance" effect. That makes this item very solid choice for few classes.
Face Smasher - same as for Guillotine Ax.
Spidersilk Boots - BiS for all casters but very easy to make.
Spidersilk Drape - commonly used cloak by many classes, but not always best option.
Deviate Scale Belt - someone who is stacking hit will surely pick this one. Not BiS but very good belt.
Toughened Leather Armor - stamina stacking leather classes will go for this one. Easy to make tough.
Feet of the Lynx - Rogue best feet item. 20% drop chance
Redbeard Crest - best shield in bracket. 20% drop chance makes it not that hard to farm up.
Mystic Tome - BiS spell power offhand, yet easy to obtain.
Pulsating Hydra Eye - nice stamina boosting offhand, but there is better drop in Shadowfang Keep. However, someone might want this until gets lucky with instance drop.
Darkweave Breches - the only pants for caster on which you can apply 24armor ench
Siver-linked Footguards - for dmg gear, best item mail item in bracket.
Rough Bronze Leggings - easy to make, not BiS but still commonly use on horde side.
Rough Bronze Shoulders - non loom BiS but very easy to make.
Forest Leather Bracers - Rogue will kill for those.
Forest Buckler - the only shield with intelect for 19s.
Meadow Ring of Eluding if u get this one you rich lowbie. I'll pay 2k for that one without asking much questions.
Shimmering Trousers of Fiery Wrath / of Healing best spellpower boost for casters in that slot
Banshee Rod of the Sun BiS wand but boring to farm it.
Thick Bronze Necklace - BiS caster neck, but very easy to make.
Thick Bronze Darts - warriors will love this until they get loom bow or gun
Green Tinted Googles - you probably wont sell this one cuz most of people will make their own, but u can try. There are always "lazy peeps".
Shadow Goggles - these wont sell probably cuz casters prefer fishing hat with 15stamina, but there are casters who stack int so give it a shot.

Sell all Linen, Wool, Silk, Magewave cloth for reasonable prices. Do it mostly on AH because 19s use it only when they level engineering prof. or first aid.
Coarse Stone needed for few professions to make sharpening stone, healing stone, bombs etc etc.
Heavy Stone better sharpening stone & healing stone*
Medium Leather - easy to get, used to make 16armor ench for pants.
Righteous Orb - needed to make one of best enchs for 19s, Crusader
Greater Eternal Essence - needed for many imporant enchs**
Greater Planar Essence - few important enchs need this too**
Large Brilliant Shard - most commonly used material for best 19lv enchs
Illusion Dust - also very important material for 19s enchants
Essence of Air - important stuff for rogue/hunter enchs
Essence of Water - used for caster enchs
Essence of FIre - used in Fiery and Fire spell power enchs
Briathorn - most important herb for 19s. Material for almost everything we use.
Swftthistle - most boring thing to farm, yet one of the most wanted herbs for us.

* sell also higher level stones. 19s with highlv char with blacksmithing profession can apply high level stones on loom weapons
** sell also lesser versions of these essences

Medium Armor Kit - C.O.D. those, we always need few ;)
Healing Potion - the best potion we can use
Swiftness Potion - descrpiton says it all
Lesser Mana Potion - best mana potion for this bracket. Mail even 1 if you got it. It's never enough of those.
Minor Rejuventaion Potion - same as for previous mentioned potion ;)
Elixir of Lesser Agility - we mostly dont make those cuz of high demand of swiftthistle which we mostly use for speed pots. Feel free to sell this one. You will most likely succeed.*
Elixir of Firepower - all mages will buy this, fact!
Elixir of Minor Fortitude - always good to have, you will most likely sell it.
Elixir of Giant Growth - it's great AND it's fun :) selling this is 90% guaranteed.
Elixir of Defense - great armor boost but we are mostly full of it, sell it for lower price than other stuff.*
Elixir of Lion's Strenght - always nice to have, easy to make but will sell. I'm sure of it.
Elixir of Wisdom - every caster will buy this. Reason is cuz most of us use Briarthorn for healing potions and end up lacking it for stuff like these. If you can make it, you will sell it 100%.
Holy Protection Potion - usefull, yet rare. Consumes swiftthistle, that's why.
Shadow Protection Potion - very high chance that you will sell this
Minor Wizard Oil - this is something you will sell as soon as you post it. Unless you overprice it ofc.
Sagefish Delight - we mostly make our own food but this one requires fish so it takes more time to make it. Has unique effect in this bracket. If you can make it you WILL sell it.**
Discombobulator Ray - great stuff to have, i always end up buying mats for Fastor to make few of those ;) If you can make those I'll buy them :)
EZ-thro Dynamite - great stuff for non engineers.
Thistle Tea - my personal favorite, but it consumes damn switftthistle!! Make it, rogs will buy it.
Heavy Runecloth Bandage - 19lvs can't make it, but can use it. Its very important thing to have in our bags.

* sell weaker versions of these items too
** sell also 6stamina - 6spirit food, for normal price it can be sold to save someone's time for farming mats

I wont list enchanting products because those are obvious. Any vanilla endgame enchant is wanted for us. They usually cost 200g on our server so don't go over that price and you will sell it if we lack mats to make our own.
My advice is to not bother with making enchants to sell to us. Both sides have their own enchanters and we mostly have materials that are needed. We either buy them or just farm them.
You will have more luck by selling enchanting materials than products.

Magic Dust - even 80s would buy this :)
Feathered Arrow - this is tricky to get. I've explained a bit of it in my lv19 character guide. Do some research on how to get it and you will make some serious money. It's best arrow in bracket.
Exploding Shot - same as for arrows. Best ammo in bracket for gun users.
Rumsey Rum Light - this one can't be purchased unlike the better version of it. Thing is that they STACK. So if you drink 15sta and 5 sta rums you get 20sta boost. If you get your hands on this rum, we will buy it 100%.
Rumsey Rum Dark - same goes for this rum. Get it and we will buy it.

If I missed some items (and I probably did, list is huge), feel free to post them below and I'll add them.
I seriously hope this will help new guys on server to get some easy money. Most of listed items are almost certain to be purchased so get them going.
I'd like to appeal on everyone to stick to fair and reasonable prices. If I see nice item in my mailbox and it's overpriced I'll return it with my suggestion for price. We will always be able to find some sort of agreement.

If you put your items on AH, make sure you announce it on public channel ( /join trading ). Sometimes we just can't browse the AH but trading channel is always there.

Happy trading... TW's truly, Sheena :tick:
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Re: How to: make easy money

#2 » Post by Scorpio » 07 Dec 2014 00:19

Great post! Just wanted to say though, Heavy Runecloth Bandage is the best a twink can use. Also, certain suffix gear is valuable as well, like the leather gloves of the Monkey or Eagle as long as they have 4/4 stats.
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Re: How to: make easy money

#3 » Post by Arraj » 07 Dec 2014 01:50

Scorpio wrote:Great post! Just wanted to say though, Heavy Runecloth Bandage is the best a twink can use. Also, certain suffix gear is valuable as well, like the leather gloves of the Monkey or Eagle as long as they have 4/4 stats.

Geez I had heavy runecloth bandage in mind :P how the hell i posted "light" version -.-
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Bored with 80lv content? Check out my level 19 character guide.
New to server and need some cash? Check this out and make some easy gold

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