All classes and specs guides

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Re: All classes and specs guides

#16 » Post by Nyeriah » 10 Jul 2017 15:44

Suggestion: make them bbcodes

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Re: All classes and specs guides

#17 » Post by Renwohet » 24 Nov 2017 22:51

Regarding the Warrior "guide", it can be considered both PvP and PvE as both responses mention both environments.

However, there are some elements discussed in both answers which are incorrect/obsolete.
- Bladestorm and Whirlwind are meant to trigger only one Sweep per rather than based on amount of hits.
- Cleave is up in the air as in Vanilla it procced more Sweeps. In TBC it retained that. In Wrath it seemed to have been changed but that is still debatable as Wrath info is deeply-archived or even deleted today; some say it procs the same but uses only one Sweep charge for them (unlikely), others say it wholly got changed to one Sweep trigger for one charge (likely and logical). Video proof is scarce and subjective as well but either way the mentioned info there should still be taken with a grain of salt on a private server.
- Glyph of Rending is very important in both environments -- especially in PvP. Could replace Glyph of Overpower since SS can be used to proc on a Target that's Parrying/Dodging a lot for example (can even bypass Deterrence), and longer-lasting Rend relieves stress, Rage management, and can provide an extra Taste for Blood proc.
- Taunt derives from Spell Hit Chance, making its Glyph a necessity for Prot PvE; even with Heroic Presence and Misery/Improved Faerie Fire you are likely to be undercap on Spell Hit and can thus still miss.
- In PvP, one can use Whirlwind to reach kiters instead of Thunder Clap, since both are by-default 8yds -- TC's Minor only makes it go up two yards extra, and its Damage is minor compared to even a 1H WW hit. Furthermore, TC is considered "Ranged" from sources, so it can be subject to mitigations -- such as Retribution's Divine Purpose Talent, making it even less reliable than that.
- Glyph of Execution doesn't reduce the Ability's cost by 10 Rage -- it mimics an extra 10R being used. In other words a 30R-capped Execute would deal an equivalent of 10R used on top of that -- it _adds_ the 10R for "free".
- Unbridled Wrath is unreliable -- it's oriented towards Dual-Wielders and frequent hitting to make it actually be useful to you. At 2/5 instead of Booming Voice, it provides minimal effect which is further-subject to bad luck.
- In regards to Hamstring, there was something left undiscussed: Arms Warriors can technically have up to two Roots -- one from the Talent with a proc chance of up to 15%, and the other being a 10% chance; furthermore, the Glyph's Root doesn't trigger/share DR with the one from the Talent or other similar ones, as it belongs to its own separate CC group (like how Charge is separate from other conventional Stuns); however, both are used as being able to proc _any_ Root proves more effective and frequent -- luck plays a big role yet again and spamming Hamstring is often a risk for naught.

Overall it's fine and in general terms, still up-to-date -- Arms PvE part included.

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Re: All classes and specs guides

#18 » Post by Bloodshade » 25 Nov 2017 02:34

No, only thing you can say regarding the warrior guides - complete trash, not even joking. Just delete them.
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Re: All classes and specs guides

#19 » Post by Renwohet » 25 Nov 2017 04:07

By the way the Arms PvE build -- albeit working and still accomplishing its main goal of being a utility-based Damage Dealer -- is highly-subjective. It's heavy on the AoE and light on the ST, and despite the AoE Snare being there, its full utility is limited considering not much can be affected by it, and even when that opportunity arises, there are better methods than it.

Also, the real-deal builds are 55/8/8 and any few-Talent-Point variations, though those also take more involvement and skill to get the shine out. There are some beginner/low-gear builds as well such as going down to Improved Execute, as well as some extra-support builds like going with Commanding Presence (further sacrifice in DpS though -- Fury should have that instead).

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Re: All classes and specs guides

#20 » Post by Floss » 25 Nov 2017 09:19

You can also use the one I already made about dueling.

Here are some you can add:

Spec Guide for Rogues - viewtopic.php?f=33&t=38702
Rogue Macros - viewtopic.php?f=33&t=38703

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Re: All classes and specs guides

#21 » Post by mummieman » 25 Aug 2018 13:45

to bad there isnt a great druide tank guide in thah list :(

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