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by Vynlandish
27 Aug 2017 03:44
Forum: General Announcements
Topic: Compensation transfers extended to TrueWoW players
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Re: Compensation transfers extended to TrueWoW players

Thanks Kurthos

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by Vynlandish
27 May 2017 05:11
Forum: Looking for Horde players (PrimalWoW)
Topic: Murmur NA Raiding
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Re: Murmur NA Raiding

G U I L D :tick: I S :tick: A L I V E
by Vynlandish
03 May 2017 18:55
Forum: Archived General Discussions
Topic: [PW] Prophet VELEN
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[PW] Prophet VELEN

EDIT: Hi my name is VYnlAnD from phermal wowe, with the new prepatch release and the new zones coming out me and my BUDS would like to finish OUR achievement of MURDERing all the faction leaders on the alliance side before tbc hits. Prophet Velen should be released and should be scaled down to 60. S...