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by m0t3k
17 Aug 2014 23:46
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Topic: The 3 word story
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Re: The 3 word story

without his nose
by m0t3k
26 Jun 2014 09:32
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Topic: What got you into gaming?
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Re: What got you into gaming?

I don't remember how i got into gaming, cuz i was playing Lineage 2 for 5 years before i started WoW. My WoW life begun with a challenge from my best friend, he is a programmer and opened his own server. We started there, learned all, done all then decided to move to more populated server and here w...
by m0t3k
15 Jun 2014 23:00
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Topic: Best PVP players on
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Re: Best PVP players on

Warrior: Ketsui, Rock, Keezxy Paladin: Justicelight (ret), Divovski (holy), Templar (holy) Warlock: Weedlock, Macheat. Druid: Eastwood(resto), Walkyrie (feral) Hunter: Boxis, Headhvnterz Rogue: Greensmoker, Xtopher Mage: Nonpoint, Davin Death Knight: Kuly Shaman: Mosthated, Keez Priest: Shadowlife, ...