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by Seveno5
14 Jun 2015 21:56
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Topic: Count To A Million
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Re: Count To A Million


We almost there.
by Seveno5
11 May 2015 08:15
Forum: Guild Management
Topic: Asking for a BIG favor
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Re: Asking for a BIG favor

One of officers was Kdrew, now gm of Loktar Ogar whose member I'm now (but planing to transfer to Warsong Clan). Fact thatt he just renamed the guild and kept the rules and ideas speaks for itself. I'm just surprised how they didn't get idea to ask GM for promotion :) The renamed guild Kdrew made, ...
by Seveno5
14 Apr 2015 19:48
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Topic: Where are you From???
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Re: Where are you From???

Nice post!

Really fun to see from which countries people are enjoying this great game!

I am from Holland, char name Eurelia.
by Seveno5
15 Dec 2014 07:57
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Can't Login
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Re: Can't Login

At this moment it is impossible to log in for me. Authenticating screen stays, nothing more. Others have same problem? I see population on server reduce, only 65 online now. Think, no one can log in?
by Seveno5
06 Dec 2014 09:17
Forum: Looking for Horde players (TrueWoW)
Topic: Frostwolf Clan
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Re: Frostwolf Clan

Lots of people (want to) join the big raiding guilds here on Horde. Hoping to be part of the raids those guilds organize. However, this hope is often shattered, for those Guild-Raids, often are made out of the same people every week. :cry: So, come on, and join Frostwolf Clan. Let's try to form new ...
by Seveno5
09 Nov 2014 09:47
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Topic: Real Life Pictures :)
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Re: Real Life Pictures :)

Zan wrote:
Sagiri wrote: Something`s wrong with being nice?
BTW, are you Eurelia? o.o
Nops Zan! Eurelia is me, how do you do? Sorry, have no real-life picture, so, cannot post inhere, ha!
by Seveno5
04 Apr 2014 19:58
Forum: Junk
Topic: Racist GM
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Re: Racist GM

Sorry you had this experience. Worldchat is often rude. The hunt on you, as you describe it, is mean and despicable.
I hope you stay here and have lots of nice times. Have fun, see you!