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by m2oenergym2o
28 Oct 2017 15:45
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Topic: Headless Horseman - Drop chance
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Re: Headless Horseman - Drop chance

+1 please state if mount drop or not after killing boss on TW.
by m2oenergym2o
03 Oct 2017 22:35
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Topic: Do Raids Happen On TW?
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Re: Do Raids Happen On TW?

Also we encourage people to get back, so we can do more 25man runs on icc/rs/toc/nax/uld and so on.
by m2oenergym2o
13 May 2017 23:38
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Topic: TrueWoW: One epic journey!
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Re: TrueWoW: One epic journey!

I am pretty sad when I see topics like this but that's life. Good luck and take care mate!

by m2oenergym2o
13 Nov 2016 23:51
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Topic: Weekly Naxx25 achievement run - UPDATED
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Re: Weekly Naxx10 achievement runs days (HORDE)

+1 join Naxx, make something different than icc