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by IronSharona
11 Feb 2014 16:05
Forum: General Information
Topic: How to Transfer Here!
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How to Transfer Here!

How to Transfer to Our Server We have a system to transfer to TrueWoW or PrimalWoW from almost any private server which is still online, or from retail WoW. Follow these steps, as well as displayed instructions on the website, to successfully make a transfer application! 1. Access the Transfer Mana...
by IronSharona
04 Jan 2014 23:31
Forum: General Information
Topic: How to Submit Bug Reports
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How to Submit Bug Reports

How to Submit Bug Reports 1. Determine who the bug affects. Bugs affecting individuals or groups but not everyone should be reported by making a ticket in-game . Bugs that aren't specific to you should be reported on the Bug Tracker . 2. Ensure you have an account on our Bug Tracker , Mantis. If yo...
by IronSharona
02 May 2012 03:26
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Vote site challenge!
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Vote site challenge!

Monthly Voting Challenge General Event Information One of the many ways of supporting our server is by voting. From all of them, it might one of the most vital ones as it promotes our server and helps bringing us new players. Currently players may vote for 5 websites that reward each 2 points per v...