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by Doctor_J
12 Sep 2012 20:59
Forum: Quests
Topic: big chain bugged
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Re: big chain bugged

Unfortunately Fate, Up Against Your Will and its horde counterpart Herald of War are bugged on Trinity and cannot be completed this is because when you go through the portal you are meant to see Orgrimmar in a different phase where Orgrimmar is at war and all services and shops except for bank and f...
by Doctor_J
12 Sep 2012 01:58
Forum: Accepted
Topic: [Accepted] To introduce SS (ScreenShot) weekly event
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Re: To introduce SS (ScreenShot) weekly event

Well the GM's who actually run this event retired from GM Team and the event had not been run for the past couple of months but heres how it worked: - * A theme would be picked each week which players had to take a SS in game what fits in with that theme * SS'es had to be taken on Spermik and not fr...
by Doctor_J
10 Sep 2012 14:52
Forum: Quests
Topic: [12540] Just Following Orders
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Re: [12540] Just Following Orders

temp fix, just following orders will not need to be added to qc as once killed ravenous mangle crocolosk its simple turn in but next quest fortunate misunderstandings will need to be both of these quests have same problem, in order for quest to be turned in the injured rain speaker oracle needs npc ...
by Doctor_J
10 Sep 2012 12:09
Forum: Quest Completer Reports
Topic: Fixed [14096] You've Really Done It This Time, Kul
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Re: Fixed [14096] You've Really Done It This Time, Kul

I believe this was actually fixed a fair few months ago by Trinity and yes I'm the person who originally reported it as working. at one time there was a issue as detailed above but that was fixed d:
by Doctor_J
03 Sep 2012 22:50
Forum: Archived General Discussions
Topic: Spermik Players' Introduction:
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Re: Spermik Players' Introduction:

Hi, Im Demonscream, no lifer 427 days playtime on lock + more on other chars and achievement freak cant wait to get new achievements on Truewow, btw why are characters showing without armor in armoury again was showing items yesterday?
by Doctor_J
02 Sep 2012 01:28
Forum: Archived General Discussions
Topic: And...we merge
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Re: And...we merge

Hi all my main char is Demonscream and I cant wait to see you in game, know I will probably have to rename my priest though as I seen there was a char here by that name already d:, luckily thats only one that's taken here