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by Jiranthos
29 Jun 2015 15:56
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Topic: A story of TW
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Re: A story of TW

Keep 'em coming. It's a good read every time. :)
by Jiranthos
29 Jun 2015 15:51
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Topic: King Of Kings..
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Re: King Of Kings..

Ahh, I remember this guy from when I was still new to TrueWoW.

"Xtreme, kings of kings, bow before me".

Always cracked me up. I was wondering where he went...
by Jiranthos
23 Jun 2015 17:02
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Topic: Mispelling in Armory
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Re: Mispelling in Armory

shaun03 wrote:What bothers me more is the "Armory" instead of "Armoury".
"Armory" is the everything-but-British spelling of the word.
Just like Color/Colour, Honor/Honour, Behaviour/Behavior, Flavor/Flavour, whereas "Strength" is the correct word in most, if not all variations of English.