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by Rascall
17 Nov 2014 11:40
Forum: Warrior
Topic: what the better ?
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Re: what the better ?

night elf has lower chance to be hit...decent for tank ofc...since expertise should come with better gear I would go for tauren as a warrior tank...dwarf´s stoneform is good but its duration is low but still helpful...draenei´s hit bonus is fine but as I said with better and better gear u should not...
by Rascall
17 Nov 2014 09:28
Forum: TrueWoW Fixes and Change Logs
Topic: Core Updates - 2014.11.16
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Re: Core Updates - 2014.11.16

awesome wall of fixes...long live TW! im especially thankful for dancing rune weapon...
by Rascall
11 Nov 2014 15:55
Forum: Rejected
Topic: [Rejected] Remove Tribute to Immortality and mounts
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Re: Remove Tribute to Immortality and mounts

I totally agree...If the most retarded player on the server Nicolee received it this way I want to cry...remove the achievement until fixed...
by Rascall
06 Nov 2014 17:30
Forum: Bogus Bugs and Solved Issues
Topic: What`s there to expect of next core update?
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Re: What`s there to expect of next core update?

dancing rune weapon fixed?u mean i will work as intended?
by Rascall
04 Nov 2014 11:52
Forum: Hunter
Topic: Hunter Bugs
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Re: Hunter Bugs

not sure if this topic is still active...ressurecting it for the number of BM SV hunters...u can count them on 2 hands...Paralax on ally side is SV hunter pve i can recommend...i have BM pve raiding ofspec (alongside with MM) and the difference between hunter specs isnt that huge as everyo...
by Rascall
21 Oct 2014 18:43
Forum: Hunter
Topic: need help with stats (hit)
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Re: need help with stats (hit)

My advice is not to count on draenei racial...Yes even for 10 man raids like icc a shaman is more or less a must-have...but ive seen setups that did more than 4 bosses without a shaman...But if u want to count on a draenei in your party thats -1% hit...taking into consideration -3% from focused aim ...
by Rascall
16 Jun 2014 22:00
Forum: Archived General Discussions
Topic: Blood dk tanking(bugged)
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Re: Blood dk tanking(bugged)

Depends on build...a week ago i changed talents on blood tank...Previously i speced for max survival...even lichborne to death coil i sacrificed some talents for dealing more damage and now its ok...on the other hand i think that death and decay does less threat than it should...
by Rascall
05 May 2014 20:43
Forum: Death Knight
Topic: Death Knight DPS Specs.
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Re: Death Knight DPS Specs.

is bloodworms now fixed?proper damage and healing?as u have it in your spec...