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by Xaayy
30 Jun 2014 11:40
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Topic: Hearthstone
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Re: Hearthstone

What rank did you guys get this season? :)
by Xaayy
08 Jun 2014 12:38
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Topic: Hearthstone
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Re: Hearthstone

Im playing US, but feel free to add me on Europe too, I only have 1 class unlocked there though. Jinae#1988

You can get people to use EvolveHQ for Fireside, btw. Reddit had a huge post on it a month or 2 ago.
by Xaayy
23 Mar 2014 15:46
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Topic: Procrastination games
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Procrastination games

Hello everyone of the mighty TrueWoW community, Anyone remember this game called 'Fishy', where you were a small fish and had to grow by eating others? Well, this is the simple version with circles: And you are hereby all challenged to become the biggest circle ( jerke...
by Xaayy
28 Jan 2014 15:11
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Topic: What got you into gaming?
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Re: What got you into gaming?


My brother forced me to play Battlefield 2 and CoD2 when I was very young. I still love him for that :) Also played WoW beta, which was pretty fun, but I never got past level 14. Shit was hard.
by Xaayy
21 Jan 2014 15:59
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Topic: Old vs. new
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Re: Old vs. new

How is this professional? You're so arrogant and selfish. All of you. Have fun. I hope you die of cancer and aids :) And make it like... very painful and slowly. You truly disgust me. I'm not kidding. I'd so love to fuck you up, but it's just not worth my time... Your dad should've pulled out on yo...
by Xaayy
15 Jan 2014 16:32
Forum: Player vs. Player
Topic: The Third Siege of New Orgrimmar
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Re: The Third Siege of New Orgrimmar

To be fair, when I joined Truewow, I didn't know much about PvP or what 'being 80' meant and still don't . There are more than enough players that learned a whole lot more about WoW while playing and talking to more experienced players in the game. I don't know about the alliance 80s, but the argume...
by Xaayy
06 Jan 2014 18:41
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Thank you Rehan [youtube]JrEJmvuKSwo[/youtube] Macklemore is perhaps a bit 2013, but he is amazing live - his energy :tick: [youtube]UZKu_q3qFPk[/youtube] Bastille, got into the charts with Pompeii, but they are live hnggg, also that hair :tick: [youtube]dYc5tTvBlFE[/youtube] Hobbits 2 Theme Song re...
by Xaayy
20 Oct 2013 22:02
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Topic: RP Meeting
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Re: RP Meeting

Nice that someone tries to start another RP event. You might want to advertise on the server a bit though, not many people read the forums. Good luck :)
by Xaayy
07 May 2013 22:14
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Topic: Dungeon Deserter
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Re: Dungeon Deserter

There is an issue with Maraudon, I think. I have done it a few times this week, and there was no satchel reward at the end, after killing the lovely princess. Which is no biggie, until you reinstalled this debuff. I left 3 minutes ago, after again killing the last boss. Now my character is stuck wit...
by Xaayy
02 Feb 2013 10:48
Forum: Quest Completer Reports
Topic: [11049] The Great Netherwing Egg Hunt
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Re: [11049] The Great Netherwing Egg Hunt

Had the same problem. The eggs i found in the dragonmaw fortress had the being used problem as well, this was 1 or 2 weeks ago. As far as i know, there are 8 spots on & around the little island with the slaves and mines where eggs spawn which all work.
by Xaayy
25 Jan 2013 12:59
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Topic: The Bigger Picture
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Re: The Bigger Picture

Only one thing will matter. And, it's that we had good company. This is the only thing that'll make us smile for a second before we completely forget about it. So, this is my request. Be nice to people. Make everyone feel at home. Talk to everybody. Don't fight over little things. It ain't worth it...