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by Justicelight
17 Mar 2019 17:16
Forum: Paladin
Topic: Prot pally single target threat
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Re: Prot pally single target threat

elentancolo wrote:
16 Mar 2019 19:43
Just ise seal of Vengeance on single target with a fasthander and use seal of command on aoe. You do not need plea, just a bunch of deflection... playtest first.


What he just said with the mention that you should...use slow one hander + get reckoning talent.
by Justicelight
24 Feb 2019 23:24
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: [TW] Merges with other servers
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[TW] Merges with other servers


I am writing this topic in order to have the staff/community opinion on contacting different servers for having more merges with TW.

I could start doing this in near future, but would like to know more from staff/community side on this idea.

Thank you.
by Justicelight
21 Feb 2019 17:44
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Appealing a ban
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Re: Appealing a ban

This is actually kind of ungrateful. A little over 1 year ago, as you can see from my previous thread, I'm the one who reshaped the PvE scene on TW from inexistence to what it is now. From separated groups of people on a low population server to a group able to raid consistently under the name of <...
by Justicelight
20 Feb 2019 17:28
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Appealing a ban
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Re: Appealing a ban

Dear all, It seems to me that this ban should just serve as a prevention/raise awareness to not push things too far when talking about other servers. Promoting another server can be made offline, through other communication means, so this still can happen. Yesterday, in front of Dalaran bank, peopl...
by Justicelight
19 Feb 2019 22:33
Forum: Rejected
Topic: [TW&PW proposal] Web Auction House for characters
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[TW&PW proposal] Web Auction House for characters

Hello remaining players of TW and PW, I am writing this post in order to get your feedback on a proposal which is described below. Proposal: create a platform on which players can upload their characters similar to Auction House system, through server's web page. Currency: Vote Points Uploading a c...
by Justicelight
16 Feb 2019 23:59
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Icc25hc Full Clear of 2019
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Re: Icc25hc Full Clear of 2019

Congrats to everyone!
by Justicelight
26 Dec 2018 00:33
Forum: General Announcements
Topic: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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Re: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas Dymond!
by Justicelight
10 Dec 2018 22:18
Forum: Pending
Topic: [TW] Change to Arena Seasons
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Re: [TW] Change to Arena Seasons


Actually it would be good to keep WF Glad title award and give Deadly, Furious and Relentless additionally in each quarter of year. The only question would be what award you could get in the last quarter since WF Glad will be already awarded.
by Justicelight
19 Jul 2018 19:30
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Account hack
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Re: Account hack

ouch :P
by Justicelight
03 May 2018 11:49
Forum: Rejected
Topic: [Rejected] Create a new Vanilla PTE realm
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Re: Create a new Vanilla PTE realm

I don`t know why you guys reply to this guy in such a hostile manner :D. If it was someone who had some history here, or atleast be a part of wotlk realm for some years, then his insight would be trully worth taking into consideration.
by Justicelight
15 Apr 2018 08:55
Forum: Rejected
Topic: [REJECTED] Enable Auction House Bot.
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Re: Economy stimulation for AH

Good suggestion tbh. We had AH bot running years ago, if the aditional features you want implemented are too much ofa challenge or time consuming for the staff, I`m all up for only implementing the classic AH bot.
by Justicelight
30 Dec 2017 22:09
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Merry Christmas
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Re: Merry Christmas

Noob :D
by Justicelight
08 Sep 2017 20:58
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Real Life Pictures :)
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Re: Real Life Pictures :)

arnis1 wrote:
07 Sep 2017 10:51
Here is a pic of me and my better half Enigma <3
I gues I could thank to TW cause I meet my luff here ^^.
Greetings to all!
RIP romanian purity :( Gz tho :D (She has a lot of gold)