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by 1igh7fis7
02 Jul 2011 07:15
Forum: Quest Completer Reports
Topic: [ 9537 ] Hurley Blackbreath
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Re: [ 9537 ] Hurley Blackbreath

Confirmed. After destroying the kegs nothing happens.
by 1igh7fis7
30 Jun 2011 21:48
Forum: Death Knight
Topic: DK tanks from a healers view.
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Re: DK tanks from a healers view.

Well, if I am to speak from healer's point of view I must stress on the fact that not every decently geared, averagely skilled player makes a good DK tank. A friend of mine played Blood DK tank on retail and got instantly laughed at when the "top" tanks browsed his spec, insisting that only Frost or...